Look See! Top Performance Tip!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Who doesn’t want to perform better? Who doesn’t want to attain optimal results in minimal time? It can be done! Even if it sounds too good to be true …

In 1 minute with just 3 supereasy exercises you can improve vision, concentration, strength, flexibility and balance by 10-30 %!

Top Tip 

Don’t watch that, watch this.
Exercises so easy, it’s a bliss. 
Yet so powerful, you can see it is!
Eyes circle left, eyes circle right.
In ‘H’, up’n’down, far’n’near, ‘high as a kite’ …
for amazing performance, what a sight!

To see just how effective vision training is, you can test yourself. Or, even better, have a partner test you; because from the outside, you can clearly see how the body reacts; if you are new to vision training, your head and body often move instead of the eyes.

Try these two tests, before you do the exercises and after each of them:

  • Stand with feet together. Bend over and see how close the hands get to the floor.
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Arme straight and forward with hands together. Lower body does not move. Rotate the torso to the side, right and left. See how far your can turn.

Performance Exercises
Starting position:
 Seated or standing. Supine if balance is very poor.
1 ballpoint-pen or similar.
Movement:: All three exercises: Hold the pen with one hand in front of the face.
Focus on the tip. Keep your head, neck and body motionless. Only the eyes should move.
Perform each exercise 3-4 times – you can re-test after each exercise.
Note: Initially, when you are not used to vision training, you may get tired and perform worse, so progress slowly. 

Exercise 1
Move the pen in a large circle, first one way, eg. 3-4 times. Then the other way.

Exercise 2
Move the pen in an H-pattern, up and down at one side, up and down at the other side, and then from side to side in horizontal plane..

Exercise 3
Hold your pen in front of your nose. Move the pen straight forward and back, in and out. Start as far out as possible and move the pen (close) to the nose. Keep focusing.

The results are phenomenal. Try it for yourself, try it today.

Learn more about performance and vision training here: Z-Health.

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