Breakfast and Lunch is Brunch! Too Munch?!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Brunch! Brunch! Brunch! Is It Too Much?
In my continued search for performance enhancing ‘supplements’ – diet and lifestyle measures for improving happiness, quality of life and performance at work, leasure time and sports – I keep on testing eating my way through different kinds of foods and meals.

Even a sunday brunch. It is not healthy eating too much; it ‘wears’ on your cells and counteracts anti-aging and keeping fit and toned. The whole idea of combining two meals in one is not healthy! However, it is a feast for all of your senses and may possibly boost your quality of life (short term!).

E.g. a sunday brunch in may, Restaurant Unico, by Aarhus Golf Club, Denmark …

Serving #1
Salmon en Bellevue; salty salmon, truffle, herbs, etc. with soft-boiled egg.
Plus sausages, cheese, marmelade, bread and much more.
Drinks: Water (naturally) and blood orange juice … and an unneccessary ‘pink bubbly’.

Unico Gourmet Brunch Mad

Serving #2
French toast. Brioche (fatty, fatty, fatty bread) fried in milk and eggs with spicey ham and Abondance raw milk cheese and mustard mayonnaise sauce.

Unico Brunch Mad 2

Serving #3
‘Brunsviger’ sweet toasted bread with warm caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And a mini-mazarin, petit four, with white chocolate and rhubarb and a brunch-classic: Yoghurt – here with hazel nut crunch and passion fruit compote.
Dessert (for brunch) is not healthy, however, this was a treat!

Unico Brunch Mad tre

Thanks for food!

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