Tall ships races Aarhus

Ahoy. Do you like travelling, too?

Hello to you. A big warm welcome.

Thank you for visiting; blog aim is: To explore, to enjoy and to exchange miles of smiles.

This blog is about: Mind-body travelling with all senses, living, loving and sharing.
Photos are by Canon and me (and my co-photography-crazy husband).

Blog posts will appear every other week or when news arrive – and your comments and input (or questions) are most welcome … hey, I meant that; drop a note about you and your favourite fitness activity and/or travel.

About …

Tall ships sail out totalPort of hometown Aarhus, Denmark; Tall Ships Races ’13. Ships and sea spellbind me.

Who am I? A travel enthusiast and fitness wellness nerd with a passion for nature, architecture, photography and art (all kinds).I blog for me, an online (infrequent) diary, and for you, with a passion for travelling and enjoying life, while staying healthy, fit and well.

Ice Cap MA
A selfie from the Ice Cap, Greenland (work).

I like frozen water, too.

I travel with my family (mom, dad, sister and her husband and their two kids) and my husband for holiday fun and sun.

I travel with my husband Henrik, architect and fellow photography enthusiast, to study fitness, wellness, nature, art and architecture.

I travel with colleagues and on my own due to work, lectures and workshops (previously more as a national AER gym coach).

I blog to share and exchange images and views about fitness, wellness and travelling. And I would love to hear your travel story and inputs, too.

What do I do? The short list:

  • Frequent traveller (work and fun)
  • Certified tour guide (but does not work as one)
  • Master of Fitness and Exercise
  • Former Part-time associate professor, sports (fitness, dance and PE)
  • Fitness Wellness Specialist (consultant) to DR, Danish National Radio (Television)
  • Lecturer and workshop presenter (fitness and health)
  • Author of 30 books on health and exercise (a.o. Wellness)
  • Freelance writer and consultant (business and media)

Arta Hule 29 Loft
I like petrified water (caves) and other earth stuff, too.

My home and base is in Denmark, Scandinavia, but I enjoy travelling to meet new people and discover new places – and love to learn and share ideas and information.

10 Things about …

  1. The only sports I did (apart from sports in school) was Budo karate and tennis.
  2. My mentors are Susan Roulund, chairman of Olympic Academy (DK) and Yvonne Lin, Wushu World Champion and Swedish fitness (and tai chi) expert.
  3. My preferred leisure activities pre-fitness; photography, piano playing and sketching.
  4. My favourite sports then and now is tennis, skating and skiing (and diverse fitness).
  5. I like travelling, but have travelled many times to the same places, London, Paris, New York, Munich, so have seen only a glimpse of the world (yet); ~50 countries.
  6. I like cars; drive/have driven Audi (A8/R8), Jaguar, Mercedes, Range Rover a.o.
  7. I like food and enjoy small gourmet meals, but unfortunately also large amounts of e.g. lasagne, ice cream (also with pancakes) and chocolate.
  8. I love music, from classical music to old and new rock e.g. Motorhead, Rage Against the Machine, Guns’n’Roses, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson a.o.
  9. I dislike shopping and trying/buying clothes, even workout wear.
  10. I prefer action (to romantic) movies; escapes, car chases and MMA stunts.

More about me:

Marina Aagaard blog (similar, in Danish, with more fitness).

Facebook site


What about you? Who are you and what is your favourite fitness and/or travel experience – I would love to know.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Marina! I like your vibe and philosophy. I’m now following your blog. Would you mind visiting mine as well? homeschoolandtravel.com Thanks!

    1. Hi Webb,
      Many thanks for your positive comments. I am happy to connect – and have travelled to the ‘homeschoolandtravel.com’ and ‘The World Wide Webbs’. Inspiring and interesting words. I will see you there soon 🙂

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