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Welcome. Thank  you for visiting Marina Aagaard blog; about health, fitness and life: I have spent 25+ years learning, teaching and travelling and want to share and connect with you: A  missing link between science and everyday life; health with a twist, (time)efficient exercise and travel (fitness) facts and ideas:

“Faster, Higher, Stronger, Longer and Healthier, and Happier”

Cited in / expert for: DR, TV2, P4, MSN, Jyllands-Posten, Boersen, Politiken, Berlingske, BT, Liv, Fit Living, In Form, Femina, Soendag, Alt, Woman, etc. Nominated: For Best Year of the Year (Fitness) 2015, 2016: 2nd Place. Liebster Award 2016. Best Fitness Blog Nomination 2017. 

Facts and discussions for more positive life experiences and better everyday performance via evidence-based methods and unique infographics, photos and tables

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Topics, except for personal stories, are treated as objectively as possible. I am writing for you and other blog readers; about fitness, wellness, training, health, travel and related subjects as an independent user.

Who blogs on this fitness blog about health, lifestyle, training, travel; health, performance and fun promotion? Marina Aagaard and guests.

Marina Aagaard Photo On Greenland at the ice sheet
Selfie with Greenland, ice cap, in the background;
“Snow fan” at work as a health consultant.

  • Master of fitness and exercise, University of Southern Denmark
  • Lecturer and guest teacher, 25 years as a trainer and health provider
  • Author, 30 books, more bestsellers, about health, training and travel fitness
  • DR (Danish National Radio and Television) Fitness Expert, 2012-
  • Freelance writer, consultant and trainer for various media and companies
  • Analysts, including for the Sports Analysis Institute, 2009-2010.
  • R & D: Fitness Excellence®, Fitness Coaching ™, FlowMotion ™, GYMFIT Dance’n’Fun, Dayz Wellness
  • External Lecturer / Teacher, Aalborg University, Sports, 2006-2016.
  • Manager / teacher, 1-year trainer academy personal trainer education, 1995-2010.
  • Federal / Land Coach AER GYM, DGF / DIF, 1997-2008.
  • International referee, FIG juge breveté, World Cup / World Cup judge, 1995-2004.
  • TV: DR Health magazine (Running) and DR Money (More fitness for money). TV2 News (Fitness Awards). TV2 GO (Cycling). DR Aerobics across, Dancing across (dance, etc.). TV2 Portrait: Marina and the Motion. Eurosport 1992-1994 (EU Step Master Trainers). Own morning exercise series at Kanal DK. 

My passion is movement and motivation – actions that make a difference:
Better performance, mood and health for you and yours.

“Faster, Higher, Stronger, Longer and Healthier, and happier”;
a motto inspired by the sports world, healthcare and life experiences:

1) Olympic ideals about sport, play and learning
2) The national health commission’s health promotion tests
3) Joy and curiosity with respect and care for nature and each other

10 other things about me:

  1. The few sports that I did besides school sports were karate, tennis, show dance.
  2. Mentors: Susan Roulund, Chairman, Olympic Academy, DK, and Yvonne Lin, Doub. world champion wushu, swedish tai chi expert.
  3. My primary leisure activities pre-fitness; piano, photo and drawing.
  4. My sports; running, (ice skating and skiing), strength training (and tennis).
  5. Motor-fan; Drive/have driven Audi (A8/R8), Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes a.o.
  6. Travel-fan; Have traveled lots, but often to the same places; only 50 countries yet.
  7. Food-fan: A little, gourmet food, and too much, eg lasagne, ice cream and chocolate.
  8. Love music from classical to electronica, trance, dance and old and new rock.
  9. Maybe a man? Prefer action, car chases and MMA rather than romantic films
  10. Love to be on, in and around water – and the rest of nature; flora and fauna.

More info / contact:

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Copyright and quotes : Use graphics and quotes with citation. Photos, my own unless otherwise stated, may not be used without written agreement. All rights to content belong to Marina Aagaard unless otherwise stated.
The material may not be copied without permission but may be freely printed for private or non-commercial use under these conditions: 1. Marina Aagaard blog is clearly cited as source. 2. Documents remain complete and unedited. 3. No charge is taken for sharing.

Health : Health and exercise advice is general advice and does not replace personal guidance by a trainer, physiotherapist, doctor, etc. Listen to the body and common sense; exercise may feel hard, but not painful. Follow your doctor’s advice.
The Marina Aagaard blog cannot be held responsible for any damage or discomfort arising from the use of information contained in the material on the blog.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Marina! I like your vibe and philosophy. I’m now following your blog. Would you mind visiting mine as well? homeschoolandtravel.com Thanks!

    1. Hi Webb,
      Many thanks for your positive comments. I am happy to connect – and have travelled to the ‘homeschoolandtravel.com’ and ‘The World Wide Webbs’. Inspiring and interesting words. I will see you there soon 🙂

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