My books

Travel book

New guide full of tips for better travel experiences; increased well-being; more health and fitness with easy measures and moves. Feel better. Perform better. Avoid head ache, extreme fatique and DVT.

More information and link to free download (nov 2018): TRAVEL FITNESS

Fitness and exercise books 

Bestselling international books by this author: 4 (US/UK), 30 (DK) in all; on physical exercise, fitness and wellness – based on theory and 30 years of practice, physical exercise, gymnastics and fitness.

Books for you? Of course … if you want lots of exercises (500+) to choose from.

Books you can get hold of? Of course … at or Amazon Exercise and Fitness

resistance-training-exercises-2010-halv-us-dk-e Stability Ball Exercise Books BOSU FITNESS books 9788792693914 Rope jumping for fitnessDANCE FITNESS US EBOOK Lulu Cover

Bibliography (US/UK)

Bibliography (DK)

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