Travel fitness book: Business or pleasure trip fitness and wellness

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Dear blog follower. A tiny gift from me to you.
If you are used to traveling, you will know some of the tips, but there is also some new information for you. Free download in november (click title at bottom). Enjoy.

Travel Fitness Business or pleasure trip fitness and wellness.
A new guide, e-book, on health and exercise while traveling and during stays away from home.

If you are an experienced traveler, you probably know some of the advice in the book, however, there are also new, important tips: Even actions that sound banal have saved me personally thousands of dollars and unnecessary worries.

The book’s tips, including official travel recommendations, are for anyone traveling by plane, ship, bus, train or car – either just a little, maybe for the first time, or a lot in connection with work.

The book is an easy guide to health and well-being with smart strategies for better breathing, diets, exercise and sleep. Manageable actions with simple exercises and training for different levels from novice to advanced.


The goal of the book is to help travelers have more fun and wellness on their journey and reduce the risk of negative side effects such as headaches, aches, overweight and blood clots.

The book provides 50 valuable and specific tips for better travel, of which several of the travel tips will be very valuable for less experienced travelers.
And even experienced travelers can find state-of-the-art inspiration for better and more varied exercises for keeping fit on the journey.

The guide contains a number of suggestions and practical exercises that can be performed with relative ease by most travelers.

The book is written especially for those traveling, as well as health and fitness counselors.


  • Brief, easy-to-read manual
  • 50 concrete and useful tips
  • Specific, valuable travel tips for new travelers
  • The activities and exercises are affordable
  • Contains essential health tips for travelers
  • Links to video clips with simple exercises


  • The book is short form, as a quick reference guide
  • The book is without detailed information and references due to limited space
  • For experienced travelers and trainers some (not all) of the tips are well-known

Facts about the book

TRAVEL FITNESS Business or pleasure trip health and wellness
Author: Marina Aagaard Page
count: 132. All-illustrated. Colors.
Language: English
Edition: 1st edition. E-book.
Distribution: Publizon A / S.
ISBN: 978-87-92693-07-5
Recommended retail price Ebook: DKK 20 (USD 3,99).
Book available at online retailers and aagaard.

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