By Marina Aagaard, MFT
To hike or not to hike? That is the question right now.
Monday. It is morning. Actually, I have optimisticly planned for a four-hour hike on Via Scandinavica from the north, near Puttgarden, down to the south coast.
I have prepared and found a map for the hiking route on the Jacobswege website and additional information at, where there is a description of the entire route, which continues onto the mainland.
Nevertheless, as I would also like to see more of the coasts of the island, so I postpone the hike for another time and instead join Henrik on a sunrise photography safari to Staberhuk lighthouse at the eastern tip of Fehmarn.

We drive off at 7 o’clock and reach the lighthouse in the “blue hour”, in the special light, just before the sun rises. We follow the signs towards Leuchtfeuer Staberhuk, but as we reach the end of the road, there is a locked gate with an “Access prohibited” sign.Fehmarn_IMG_2666

Furthermore, you are not allowed to park here, another sign informs, however,  a couple of bikes should not cause any trouble, if you are planning a trip. To the left of the gate there is a small trail and we follow it down to the stone beach.

There is a nice lighthouse in the area behind the fence, but it’s difficult to photograph (unfortunately, lighthouse fans). Luckily, we can get down onto the beach and follow the sunrise from there.
An amazing sight that is only disturbed by a couple of boats.


After this small walk and the spectacular sunrise we drive back to the hotel and have a delicious breakfast. Then we pack our bags, load the car and check out.

Before we leave Fehmarn, though, we go for a short drive to Wulfen and Wulfener Hals, a very popular windsurfing area and – it turns out – also home to a golf course, Golfpark Fehmarn.


From here we continue on to the Fehmarnsund area to photograph the bridge, Fehmarnsundbrücke. We go for a walk on the beach (with a strange piece of art, Seeblicker) – the island is not only popular with wind and kite surfers, we see quite a lot of people fishing.

From the stand we walk around a small shipyard, underneath and then up on the bridge where there is a bike path. A nice bridge for the bridge-photo-interested; with a harlequin lattice pattern.

Then the trip is almost over for this time. A small island that offers more experiences than expected – and seemingly an attractive destination for families, couples and singles of all ages; there is something for those who want to SUP, hike and bike ride at a nice and easy pace, but also a lot for those who want high speed windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Definitely a worthy vacation destination, especially because there are both fitness, outdoor activities and wellness, varied experiences for your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tactile senses.

You can see a lot on an extended weekend trip, but you need at least one week to get around the whole island and experience more of the nature and museums.

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