Bucket list

The bucket list Life To Do List
Bucket list; a list of things to do before you die a.k.a. “kick the bucket” – in my interpretation rather; things you would like to do, while living; Life to-do-list.

I urge everyone to create a personal list, short, long, modest or ambitious:

  • Putting dreams (goals) into spoken/written words often make them come true.
  • Avoid wasting precious time, go explore (also locally) and share happy moments.


My list is 1) incomplete (much is on daily agenda instead), 2) open to suggestions and
3) dreamy, unrealistic (money-wise) …

  • My husband tells me to dream big no matter what.
  • My sister tells me to stop “bragging”, but I post to share ideas. Share yours, please.



√ Arches National Park, Utah, USA
√ Azure Window, Malta (eroded in 2017)
– Balloonflying, Cappadocia
√ Bingham Canyon Mine, Kennicott Copper Mine (can be seen from space)
√ Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
– Dolphin watching/swimming

California Redwoods, USA
√ Cave: Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca, Spain (3 x, it’s awesome).
√ Cave: Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca, Spain (3 x)
√ Cave: Postojnska Jama (cave), Slovenia (huge, but you go by cave train …).
– Cave: Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA
√ Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA (saw/stayed by North Rim and South Rim)

– Great Barrier Reef, Australia
– Grotte de Lascaux, France
√ Hike on the Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Uhuru Peak, 2016)

√ Niagara Falls (Canada and USA) (two different trips)
√ Nile, Egypt (part of Egypt two-week trip)
– Northern Light (Northern Norway)
√ Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Norway 30.08.14
√ Samaria Gorge, Crete, Greece
– Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
√ Yosemite National Park, California, USA


Special cities

√ Amsterdam
√ Bangkok
√ Barcelona
√ Belfast

√ Bogota

– Cape Town

√ Copenhagen
√ Dubai
– Delhi
√ Dublin
√ Edinburg
√ Firenze (Florence)

– Goa
√ Helsinki
√ Hong Kong
– Jerusalem
– Kuala Lumpur
 Las Vegas
√ London 
√ Los Angeles
√ Miami 
– Moscow
– Mumbai
√ Munich
√ New Orleans
√ New York
√ Oslo
√ Prague
√ Paris
– Rio
√ Rome
√ San Francisco
– Shanghai
√ St. Petersburg

√ Singapore
– Sydney
– Tokyo


Exciting countries/places

– Antarktis
Australia (Perth, judge 3. AER GYM WC 1997)
– Bahamas
– Borneo
√ Colombia
– Easter Islands
– Galapagos Islands
√ Greenland (Thule Air Base and Ice Cap, 77N, as consultant)
– Hawaii
Iceland (twice, fitness workshop visit)
– Kenya
– Key West
– Maldives
– Morocco
– New Zealand
– Seychelles
– South Africa
√ Tanzania
√ Tunesia


Architecture, art and more

Alexandria Library, Egypt
√ Audi Museum, Ingolstadt, Germany

√ Burj al Arab (7 star hotel), Dubai
√ Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building (829.84 m, 2723 ft), Dubai
√ Colosseum, Rome
√ Disney World, Orlando, Florida
√ Eiffel Tower, Paris
√ Golden Gate Bridge, SF, USA
√ Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee, USA 
– Great Wall of China
Guggenheim Museum (and Prado Museum), Bilbao, Spain
√ Hoover Dam (and saw the power plant), Nevada/Arizona, USA
√ Kennedy Space Centre, FL, USA
(see the Apollo Rockets, wauw)

√  Kotor, Montenegro, ‘stair’ climb to top of fortifications (1350 steps), 05.2014
Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), Köln, Germany
√ Louvre, Paris, France
– Machu Picchu, Peru
√ Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
– Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, USA
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
– Opera House, Sydney
Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
Pyramids, Egypt 
√ Statue of Liberty (crown), NYC
St. Pauls Cathedral, London
√ St. Peters Basilica, Rome (Basilica di San Pietro)

– Stonehenge, England
– Taj Mahal, India
– Terracotta Warriors, China
Vatican and the Sistine Chapel (it is breathtaking, see if in Rome)
– Versailles (castle), France
√ Winter Palace, St. Petersburg
√ World Trade Center, NYC (before 9.11.)


Events, sport and performances (live)

– Watch a Formel 1 race
– Watch Le Mans
Watch NBA Basketball, Madison Square Garden, NYC, 1995
– Watch NHL Hockey, Madison Square Garden, NYC

Experience Oktoberfest in Munich, 1996
– Watch an Olympic game
– Watch Tennis at Wimbledon
Watch West End show (theatre), London
√ Watch Broadway show (theatre), New York (Stomp) 
√ Watch World Championship (saw Hockey 2018, earliger Trampoline, AER Gym WC) 

Tusien Sahara udsigt fra kamelen w

Activities, rides

√ Climb (only a climbing wall, though, even if super exercise not a favourite), 2000
√ Colossus Rollercoster, Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA, USA (why?!) 1998
√ Cruise (Mediterranean West, Mediterranean East, Baltic, Nile)
Drive an Audi A8, 2004-

√ Drive an Audi R8, 2008
√ Drive a BMW, 1997
√ Drive a Camaro
, 2005

– Drive a Corvette
– Drive a Dodge Viper
– Drive a Ferrari
√ Drive a Jaguar, 2016 (Supercharger)
√ Drive a Land Rover (Defender), 2013
√ Drive a Mercedes, 2010+
– Drive a Porsche
Drive a Range Rover Sport, 2009-
√ Ride the Ferrari World Rollercoaster, Abu Dhabi, UAE,d 2012
√ Ride the Ferrari World F1 simulator, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012
Fly with a jumbojet (top floor)

√ Fly with the 380 (worlds largest plane, 2012)
Judge a World Championship (AER Gym, 7 WC, 1995-2004, 1 EC)
√ Obstacle Course Race, Nordic Race (Aarhus, 16.06.2018)
– Photo safari in Africa

√ Rappelling (only down a building, Aalborg), 2000
√ Ride a camel

√ Ride an elephant
Ride a horse
– Ride a Segway
– Ride the Orient Express
– Ride the Rovos Rail
– Ride the Trans Siberian Railway
– Ride the Trans Tibetan Railway
√ Running event, local; 23.8.14, hometown, 5 km, 1. W
√ Ski in Austria (Bad Gastein)
√ Ski in Canada (Banff, Lake Louise, Whistler)
√ Ski in France (Val d’Isere)
√ Ski in Italy (Canazei, Gressoney, Sestriere, Livigno a.o.)
√ Ski in Norway (Hemsedal, Trysil a.o.)
√ Ski in Switzerland (St. Moritz, Ebnat Kappel)
√ Ski in Sweden (Stöten)

√ Snorkel in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand 
√ Swim in the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Venice Gondola tour, 1997, 2010
√ Walk on a slack line (only briefly …)

Some things (buzzing in my brain) are not on the list; loving life and due to certain former experiences, I am a bit careful and learned from Per Wimmer, entrepreneur, record breaker, space cadet, that you have to calculate the risk carefully, consider the pros and cons – which I am …

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