Cruise Ship Curious? Ahoy! Fitness Wellness At Sea Is A Joy

By Marina Aagaard

Baltic Cruise Day 3: At Sea

On this particular Baltic cruise there are two days at sea. One at the beginning of the cruise and one at the end. This cruise was chosen because of this: It is a nice break to ‘just’ be at sea for a full day – especially when the sea is at its very best behaviour (almost completely still) – and do nothing but relax or maybe participate in some more on board activities. Being, and seeing, at sea is a joy.

Baltic cruise daily program seng

Bed made up and The DAILY program ready the evening before: For the days at sea the program of the morning, afternoon and evening is extensive.

Menu of Today: Morning walk, yoga, aerobics, zumba, exercise for legs abdominals and glutes, stretching, dance lessons with salsa, sirtaki, bachata paso doble, cha cha cha as well as ping pong tournament, bingo, video quiz, arts and craft napkin folding, massage demonstration, oriental cooking demonstration and more. Take your pick!

Cruise ship early morning fog

Morning on deck with lots of stair walking. Early-bird sunrise watching is great!

At sea fitness centre

A rare moment: The well-equipped cruise ship fitnesscentre almost empty; it is almost fully occupied 24-7 6-22-7! Managed to ‘fit’ in though and get a good workout.
A facility for beginners and experienced exercisers side-by-side; machines, free weights and space for bodyweight exercises.
For cruise fitness, getting healthy on board: Legpress:

In the afternoon: Walked past the Zebra Bar and the pina coladas and into the Pigalle bar to do some dancing instead, one of several dance lessons that day.

Baltic cruise ship zebra bar

Baltic cruise danse uv 2

Suggested dress tonight is: GALA. This is an option only. You can always dine at the buffet or one of the other restaurants, but when going to the main restaurant why not play along:
Ladies: Dressy outfit, formal gown or cocktail dress (subdued or to the max).
Gentlemen: Tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit and tie.

Before dinner there are cocktails (and a photo shoot with the captain if so desired).
Dinner is galaish, delicious Italian cuisine (pasta, meat a.o.) topped off with merengue ice cream surprise ‘on fire’. Buon appetito (lousy photo, but may convey mood).


At sea, at sea, all day at sea; what is there to see? The sea! Is it boring? No!
The sea and the sky; never the same, always overwhelming and dramatic, or sometimes almost overly beautiful, looking like scam art, forcing cruise guests to take toooooooooo many look-alike boring photos it is almost embarrassing. 

Cruise ship holiday at sea sunset

Poor hair day. Poor composition;
happens when handing camera
over to imposters ‘hi, let me’
(poor co-photographer day).

At sea wake sky

Wake viewed through the window of the bar. Mesmerizing.

At sea sun sets

Sunset: Signal for time to go to Ship bar or Sandman encounter.

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