Senses, Super Life and Sport

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

You have The Fantastic Five senses. Protect them and use them actively:
Enhance your everyday, leisure time, fitness and sport … life.

Top Tip 

Use your senses as much as you can,
use eyes, ears, nose, mouth and ‘hand’.
Enjoy many more experiences every day,
enhance performance in more than one way.

Open your eyes. Train your eyes. Improve your performance by 10-30 % instantly.
Do you wear glasses? Then your “eyes are in a cage” according to Dr. Eric Cobb, Z-Health, which means that your field of vision and bodily performance is diminished (during the every day and sports); your eyes and vision are crucial for performance.
Check if you have other options; glasses without a ‘frame’, contact lenses and/or vision training? ‘Release your eyes’ and see more and better.

Open your ears … and close your ears …
Listen to more than just muzak,
listen to classical and indie, a mood attack.
Music can improve your workout motivation and results!

Protect your ears: In fitness- and sports environments there is often a lot of noise and loud music (many instructors have lost part of their hearing and are not aware of this) …
Note: Avoid too loud noise, sudden (loud) noise, and too much sound too often.
Recommendation (in noisy situations): Guard your ears (eg. customized ear plugs):
Avoid harmful noise and avoid hearing loss and tinnitus!

Inhale through your nose. Breathe deeply and slowly. Perform better and improve your health and wellness: More air, more energy, more wonderful smells.
Reduce artificial ‘smells’; perfume, air fresheners, scented candles, etc.
Increase fresh air consumption.

Treat your body like a Ferrari, treat it to V-Power (top-notch gasoline) …
Sound nutrition improves your health and performance significantly.
Wholemeal, green, healthy oils and variety: E.g. don’t just eat the same 10-12 fruits or vegetables through life, there are thousands of edible plants, berries, fruits and vegetables.
Taste something new and different (preferably organic) and enjoy it.

Pamper your body; warmth and wellness. ‘Touch and feel’ more during the everyday, leisure time and sports; it is healthy for your body and mind:
Shake hand, pat the back, massage, caress … bathe in water, steam and heat (and cold) … roll away on massage balls and foam rollers …

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