Shop Till You Drop! It’s O.K.!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE
To me shopping is a rare activity, as I aim for LEAN living and fast shopping:
1) Establish need, 2) Buy object, 3) Return to basecamp.
In spite of this I was recently named as a source in the magazine I FORM in the article…
believe it or not … shopping can be healthy 
… as I was asked for tips on how to SHOP YOURSELF INTO SHAPE!

Top Tip 
Take the stairs instead of the lift,
move with tempo, don’t just drift.
Reach, turn, bend, extend – move on up.
When in line: Lift weight (bag), balance, never stop.   

The shopping article is based on American and Taiwanese research, which finds, that shopping can prolong your life, because it is a mindbody activity; moving around and using the brain for comparing goods and adding up numbers.
The article concludes: There is no reason to have a quilty conscience about shopping.

No matter if you love or hate shopping, you can take home the message: By using your head for various tasks and increasing your daily activity level – also during shopping – you can increase brain and muscle activity in small increments and improve fitness, quality of life and longevity.

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