Hey You Enjoy What You Do!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Just back from a morning run.

Seeing other joggers … no happy faces?
Seeing frustration, desperation … pain?



ENJOY every second of life – and physical exercise.
Live life – work, work out, eat, party and rest – right now, right here with enjoyment.

Choose workouts you enjoy or enjoy the workouts you have choosen. 

Smile and make the best of it, that’s the way to maximize results …  
and maximize/upgrade the process, which lasts a whole lot longer ….

This is my first international blog post on fitness, wellness, physical exercise and health.
My aim is to provide inspiration, means and methods to improve sports and exercise performance; goal-oriented (research-based and proven) programs and exercises and
tiny lifestyle changes that will make a positive difference on health, life and sports life.

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