Lunge Lunger Lungest

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Lunge, lunges; An Excellent Exercise: Strengthens and tones all of the lower body muscles and improves function, core stability and balance at the same time.
A true Functional Exercise; improves everyday life and sports performance. 

Top Tip 

Want strong legs and knees, that ‘last’?
And to look like the Baywatch cast?
do your lunges now, the effect is vast,
and results appear really, really fast!

A Big Step

Exercise with big steps, lunges. Start with small or smaller steps and gradually increase range of motion as the muscles are warmed up.

A Better Result
Maximize your workouts: Increase you step, stride length
(in a natural fashion) during walking, running and strength training. 
It improves your running time, increases your caloric expenditure and improves you mobility.

Lunge technique

Starting position: Standing in an upright position. Feet hip-width apart.
Movement: Feet either stationary, moving back and forth or travelling:

1) stationary, feet staggered sagitally, bend and extend the legs, up, down, on the spot.
2) lunge forward, alternating right and left leg (or other directions) and push back to start,
3) walking lunges, walking with large, deep steps. Turn ½ and walk back.
Can also be performed as backward walking lunges. DO check your path for obstacles, so that you do not trip and fall.

Land firmly on your front foot. Front knee bends in a ~90 degree angle, knee above the ankle. Back leg and foot bend in a natural fashion with the back heel off the ground.

Stationary lunge, uneven surface.

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