Hot n Cold Water for (Skin) Fitness

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Health, fitness and performance is also about:
Keeping your body – and skin – vibrant, fit and healthy (anti-aging).
Give yourself a treat: Invigorating baths for improved recovery and instant wellness

Top Tip

Hot-and-cold water in the tub or the shower*
increases circulation and wellness for many an hour,
removes wrinkles, fatigue and feelings of ‘sour’.
Be good to your skin, pamper it, increase its power.

* Recovery is improved by hot-and-cold-baths (CWT, contrast water therapy):

Several studies have demonstrated improved recovery and performance following hot-and-cold baths, eg. ‘Effect of hydrotherapy on the signs and symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness’ (Vaile et al., 2007):

“Squat jump performance and isometric power was significantly enhanced 24, 48 og 72 hours after workouts followed by CWT (…) compared to passive recovery.
CWT and cold water immersion proves effective in reducing physiological and functional deficits associated with DOMS, including improved recovery of isometric force and dynamic power and a reduction in localised oedema.”

One study, ‘Effect of contrast water therapy duration on recovery of cycling performance: a dose-response study’ (Versey, Halson, Dawson, 2011), uses this method:

Hot water/bath (38.4 ± 0.6°C) 1 minute, cold water (14.6 ± 0.3°C) 1 minute. 5 seconds for changing. Total duration 6-12 minutes.

My method: Body Boosting Bath for skin fitness, wellness and health:

  • Sauna 5-15 minutes (80-90°C).
  • Cold water (tub) 1-3 minutes (10-12°C).
  • Repeat three times. Total duration: 18-54 minutes.

Photo (Henrik Elstrup Aagaard): Assawan Spa at Burj Al Arab ******* in Dubai.
It is super, but you can have your own spa treatments
at the swimming bath or at home!

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