Cruise Control: Strategy: Explore. Analyze. Organize.

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Mediterranean Cruise Day 1: Embarkation Day

Quite a journey; 1) living at some distance from # 1 national airport, CPH, 2) no suitable connecting trains or planes, 3) getting up at 0400 hours (4 o’clock am), at 0500 drive 3 hours from home to airport, 4) waiting around at said airport (fly-cruise requirements of being at the airport real early), 5) having to fly via Riga (no direct flight), because of very late booking, 6) having to wait even more at airport due to travel agency conservative connection estimate, 7) landing on time in Nice, but taxi getting caught in afternoon traffic, so having a ½ hour plus drive instead of a 5 minute ride, 8) arriving a few kilometers away from Nice at the tiny cruise terminal of Villefrance-sur-Mer.

Cruise ship entry lifeboat

Life boats doubling as tenders.
I hope, I will never experience these babies on their other job.

9) After cruise terminal check-in: Surprise (what had I been thinking; that I could just walk on board?): The cruise ship is not even close to this little port, so we (groups of approx. 50 persons at a time) hop onto a tender, boat (lifeboat!), to be sailed to mama ship. 10) On board at 1900 hours.


All on board 20:30. Departure Villefranche at 21:00. Compulsory ‘# 1 departure’ photo.

Cruise dinner 1aaItalien Cruise Ship dinner, but of course (three-): Fish (salmon), pasta, ice cream (gelato).

  1. Eat. First things first: Go to the restaurant! Have a light three-course (or more) meal! First night suggested dress: Casual.
    Important cruise (and home) wellness tip: Get first seating 18:45 (not 21:15).
  2. Check out ship. A wise move: Check out facilities and locations right away. You need to be up to speed to navigate on this massive floating hotel – or else you will miss the entertainment, the dance lessons or worse: Dinner. 
  3. Cabin control. Unpack. Get organized. From the DAILY program delivered to cabin, it is obvious, that it is going to be a busy time, so set up your base camp a.s.a.p.
    This first night: Two choices: 1: An all night program: Musical (Frank forever), Latin mix dance lesson, followed by Hollywood night entertainment and then Disco Night with Fabio. Or: 2: Back to cabin for an early night in to ensure ‘peak fitness condition’ … Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (what a bore).

Cruise disco

Beautiful cruise ship disco. Plenty of space on the dance floor. But not tonight, Fabio.

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