Cruise Compulsory: In the Footsteps of Cristoforo Colombo

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Mediterranean Cruise Day 2: Excursion Day Genoa

According to the DAILY program of today, it is not necessary to leave the ship at all: Daytime: Sunbathing, sports, gaming, fitness, wellness, spa treatments and more.
More than plenty to see, do and eat. But port of today is a must-see; on your feet!

Arrival 08:00 Genoa.
All on board 16:30. Departure 17:00.

A must visit for any serious traveller: The birthplace of Cristofo Colombo aka Christopher Columbus, 1451-1506, a somewhat possessive and ‘lost-at-sea’ italian super-traveller completing four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

Genova viewFrom the rooftops of the Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco, Via Garibaldi,
looking to the left and looking to the right – an soothing sight.

Genoa, population of 612.000, European Capital of Culture 2004 and a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts Italy’s biggest port and Europe’s largest aquarium, so it is an awesome area for architecture and aqua aficionados. Off we go for a splendid ‘show’. 

Option 1: Buy cruise ship excursion: City bus tour and ticket for the Aquarium: 39 EUR.
Option 2: Step off the ship (moored at port), walk 5 minutes to city centre, walk around on your own. Start at the port, visit the Acquario di Genova first, when it opens (at 9:00 am), before everyone else shows up: Ticket: 19 EUR.

Cruise Genova Aqua 4a

Great Barrier Reef not on your budget? Go daydream at the aquarium.

Cruise Genova Aqua 1

Mesmerizing flourescent sea creatures. The wonders of nature.

A city with a wow view: One of Europe’s largest medieval quarters with narrow alleys contrasted by grand boulevards of yesteryears. 
An abundance of beautiful exteriors, renaissance palaces and baroque churches, and interiors, fantastic art and elaborate decorations and furniture. A day is not enough …

Cruise Genova Art Oldschool

 Old-school Art around Genova.

Cruise Genova Art close

New-school Art around Genova.

Summary: Genova trip is worth every penny. A must must-see for everyone interested in nature, history, architecture, art and sizzling (university) city life.
With experiences like this, maybe the cruise way is not so bad after all?

Late afternoon: On board again, waving bye-bye to Genova, enjoying a mega-meal (informal dress) and a stroll around the lounges listening to easy listening music.
Program of this evening: Circus Show, Sail Away party, Mega Bingo, Disco Dance Lesson, Glory Generation and Welcome Night at Disco.
Being on a cruise could become quite hectic …

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