Cool Konditaget, Copenhagen: Go see architecture, go get excellent exercise

By Marina Aagaard, MFT. Photos: Henrik Elstrup and Marina Aagaard

Open air play and exercise. On the rooftop of the parking garage in Nordhavn, the new harbor areas in Copenhagen. 
All-time motivating area with lots of exercise options for children, adolescents and adults.

The place is Konditaget (Exercise Roof) at Lüders P-House, Helsinkigade 30, 2150 Nordhavn.
Amazing equipment (though a couple of benches need repair) and a superb view of the water and exciting architecture, close and distant. Like to move? Like to travel? In Copenhagen? This is a must-visit.

Down on the street or inside the parking garage you cannot see what is hidden on the top, so you must know that the place is there and then you have to take the stairs up the building’s facade, 135 steps exactly (or by elevator if you must).

The view is phenomenal if you like the sea, the sky, harbor views and architecture. In the background e.g. Aalborg Portland’s old silo buildings with a new look: Portland Building. The equipment can be used for many kinds of exercises; you decide: There is no wrong way (think / hope I …). Freestyle!

On the other side: Another silo with a special, new, characteristic face: The Silo residential property.


Hang on , hanging is a brilliant exercise that stretches your body and shoulders and increase grip strength. These tubes could have been a bit smaller in diameter, so they were easier to grip for people with small hands … I just managed.

OOTD, outfit of the day ( National Museum recommends detailed diaries ( Share your Day 6.9.17. )): Casual everyday and casual wear: Black in black: Italian Dondup stretch jeans, Danish  Purelime underwear, t-shirt and jacket. Color of the day: Orange. Special KLM  campaign  sneakers from spring Amsterdam walks.


Trampolines! Wonderful fun and hops and jumps are healthy and you get to jump a lot higher, when you get some ‘assistance’, boosts self-confidence. Try it.

Swings? Yes please; It’s healthy to “shake, rattle and roll” your body and work on spacial awareness . You are never too old for that.

There is also a race, hike, ladder grit. For many types of speed and footwork … or play.

Wow! In the back (front?) corner of this amazing roof, there is another staircase. It should not be missed: It’s a special one, named Lüder’s running staircase – I would call it an exercise staircase  for all kinds of great stair training; It can be used for walking or running (or jumping). A brilliant idea. Unlike the stairs on the opposite side, it goes straight up. 135 steps only interrupted by 7 small plateaus. Plus a most fantastic facility …

A timer as you start by the foot of the stairs. Press the big black button, sprint to the top and press the stop button;  your time appears on a display ; as in many international competitions. You feel sporty!

Super Motivational. A chance that I – despite everyday clothes and shoes – did not let pass (40.86 sec. I started too slowly) and several other people also took advantage of this opportunity this morning, when I visited the place.

Note that the display will automatically turn off after a few minutes, so if you want to document or selfie your stair running time, take a snapshot of timer immediately after reaching the top …

A bonus for architecture and design fans. At street level, by the parking garage, there is a recycling station with creative, cool room dividing solutions: High clear glass (or plastic) tubes filled with recycled materials.



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