Danish stairs: Outdoor fitness in Danish nature

By Marina Aagaard, MFT. Photos: Henrik Elstrup and Marina Aagaard

Outdoor stairs in Denmark. With 100, 200 or 300 steps or more? 
For outdoor walking, running or exercising.

For nature lovers, nature fitness fans and stair running (vertical running) enthusiasts here a list of the highest stairs in the Danish landscape … fairly flat as it happens.

The stairs on this list not only allows for intensive interval training, effective cardio work, and high energy consumption, as well as daylight and fresh air. The stairs also provide outstanding nature experiences and views of the Danish landscape; forests, slopes, fields, lakes, beaches and the sea.

Typical steps are about 18-20 cm high, or about 12-14 cm for some outdoor stairs.
Depending on the material and design of the steps, narrower or wider, from 25-26 centimeters to 40 centimeters, you can do different types of resistance exercises – in addition to stair walking, running, hopping and jumping.

On these and other stairs, you have to be observant  and careful. Uneven steps or damp or wet wood or stone result in a high risk of slipping or falling, so caution is paramount.

Danish Stairs

1. Maglevandstrappen . Moens Klint (UNESCO). ~ 494 steps. 99 altitude meters. (possibly + 97 steps, 128 altitude meters).

2. Graarygtrappen . Moens Klint (UNESCO). At Geocenter 468 steps. Ca. 100 vertical meters.
3. Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg . Sejs southwest of Silkeborg. 317 steps. 50 vertical meters
4. Chr. Winthersvej . To Gl. Kongevej. Vejle. 289 steps. 35 vertical meters.
5. Tyrelodspynten . Fredericiavej to Sdr. Villavej, Vejle. 263 steps. 35.5 vertical meters.
6. Munkebjerg . The stairs behind the hotel, from the terrace. 238 steps. 44 vertical meters.
7. Jons Chapel . Between cliffs south of Vang. 224 steps. 50 vertical meters.
8. Esterhoej. From Hoeve. South of Zealand’s Odde. 164 steps. 30 vertical meters.
9. Maglesoe. By the parking lot. South of Holdbæk. 147 steps. 32 vertical meters.

10. Lüders Running Stairs. The rear of Lüder’s P-house, Copenhagen north port. 137 steps.
11. Nakkehoved Lighthouse . North Zealand. 128 steps. 22 vertical meters.

12. Helligdomsklipperne , Bornholm. Several stairs over 100 steps, including: 124 steps.
13. Oernerede trappen . Ørnereden, Marselisborg Forests. Aarhus. 121 steps. 25 vertical meters.
14. Stevns Klint (UNESCO). At Højerup church. 110 steps. 24 altitude meters.
5. Mogenstrup Aas . By the Aasen. Eastside Oestre Ringvej, Naestved. 94 steps. 21 vertical meters.

Moens Klint. Maglevandstrappen in the background. 494 steps.


Moens Klint. Graaryg trappen. 468 steps.


Munkebjerg Staircase. Vejle. 238 steps.

Jons Kapel. Bornholm. 224 steps.

Lüders Running Staircase. At the side of Luders P-Hus. 137 steps. Bonus: There is a timer.


Helligdomsklipperne. Bornholm. Several staircases, about 121-124 steps.


Oernerede stairs. Oernereden, Marselisborg Forests Aarhus. 121 steps.


Stevns Klint. By Hoejerup Church. 110 steps.

The list is inspired by the informative website Danske Bjerge, which lists the sights of the Danish landscape, including Danish hills. This list of Danish Stairs (outdoor) is ranked by number of steps, although the stairs have very varied quality and safety level.

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