Sniff, sniff! Air, Energy and Life!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Use your nose! Breathe deeply and calmly through your nose for more air, equals more energy, and improved, healthier, breathing and increased mindfulness and relaxation.
You breathe an average of 28.000 times per day. If you make each of those breaths just a tiny bit better, you will look, feel, think and perform better. Enjoy breathing in life.

Top Tip

Move your head outside the house today,
take 10 deep breaths, it will ‘blow you away’.
Inhale through the nose, it’s better that way,
it fills you up with energy for a greater day.

Your olfactory sense, your wonderful sense of smell, is an important sense; humans can distinguish over 10.000 different smells.
Your smell tells you about your surroundings and provides a strong sensory experience, that can influence your mood and emotions, your mental and physical well-being.

Try it. Smell the world around you: Nature, your loved ones, food and drink, houses and gardens. You will enjoy a whole new world of experiences and enhanced mindfulness by using all of your senses including smell.
Bonus: Better, deeper breathing will improve your performance at work, school and sports.

Note: Avoid or reduce artificial ‘smells’; perfume, air fresheners and scented candles in your home. Do what you can to avoid breathing in (too much) solvents, chemicals, gases and exhaust fumes. All of these are hazardous to your health. 

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