Chew, chew! Life and Energy for you

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

A nutritious balanced diet is essential for health, wellness, performance and looks.
Enjoy! Think health and performance. Forget about calorie counting and debatable diets.

Top Tip

Enjoy your meal, nice and quiet, slow (food) down. 
Enjoy the sight, colours rich, green, red and brown. 
Enjoy the smell, happy nose wrinkle, no no frown.
Enjoy the taste and energy, you’ll be strong and sound.

Chew your food good and well, chew 35 times per bite;
it helps your digestion, makes your stomach feel alright,
lets you taste your food better, from tasty to pure delight.
Chewing more, eating less, losing weight; yes, that’s right. 

Diet Right for Delight
Your diet impacts your performance during the everyday and sports and also your looks, not just the shape of your body, eg. fat distribution, but your skin, hair and nails …

To cut a long story short, you need ‘coarse, green, natural’ foods (including healthy oils) – in moderate amounts according to your Basal Metabolic Rate, BMR, and your Physical Activity Level, PAL. You need sufficient energy to perform well. You can find various counters on the internet for estimating recommended daily calorie consumption.

However, you may not need to measure, weigh and calculate. Think: How do you feel? Are you well and healthy, do you feel good, no digestive problems, sleep well, lots of energy?Then do not change too much … if the opposite is true, maybe you have an idea about what ought to be done! But no, no; do not go on a diet. Gradual lifestyle changes work better, last longer: Take small steps. Make no ‘sacrifices’, make new healthier choices.

Enjoy! My favourite: For the benefit of the environment and your health and wellness:
10 New Nordic Nutrition Recommendations from the research project OPUS, with a.o. Claus Meyer, co-owner of Noma, the World’s # 1 restaurant:

  1. Eat more fruit and vegetables every day (berries, cabbages, root vegetables, legumes, potatoes, herbs)
  2. Eat more whole grain – especially oats, rye and barley
  3. Eat more food from the sea and the lakes
  4. Eat meat of a better quality, but less of it.
  5. Eat more food from ‘the wild’
  6. Choose organic every time you can
  7. Avoid food additives
  8. More meals ‘in season’
  9. Eat more home-cooked food
  10. Throw away less food [reduce waste]Follow this link to read about OPUS.

Bon appetit!

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