Travelling? Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to have a great ‘travelling’ or sightseeing experience. Just leaving the local neighborhood and going a few miles down the road, can do the trick.
This weekend we, husband, dog and I, went for a trip to the local national park, one of five in Denmark, to go for a walk on the national Nature Day (Naturens Dag). A day designated for nature events for families (and couples and singles) and schoolchildren.

We went by car, a 15-minute drive, parked and walked a short distance to the highest hill in the park – and one of the highest places in Denmark (!), Agri Bavnehoej, 137 m asl. From here we followed a hiking trail (short 1 hour walk).
Even on an event day like this, most of the time we did not see any others. Only a couple of times did we see families gathering wild berries, hikers hike and cyclists  speeding by on mountain-bikes.The national park is full of goats, sheep, horses and a lot of smaller animals like small snakes, birds, butterflies, bees, mice, beetles and spiders.

Just after we had met the horses, the weather changed again and went from blue to grey and it started raining heavily (the water drops in the cobwebs were fantastic, unfortunately my photos were not), so we ran for the car.

As we started driving back home, the sun came out again. A typical Danish (late) summer day.

Get up and get out (I say to myself and others).
It is amazing and healthy, too.