City Sightseeing: Streetart Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Streetart and Graffiti. Aarhus Streetart Festival. Free art exhition. Arranged by Aarhus Festival Week together with Galleri Grisk and We Make Space Architects. I Byparken (The City Park). Art touches your senses and can improve your health.

Streetart can be planned, costly and elegant. Or spontaneous, cheap and ugly.
Streetart, especially graffiti, is seen as vandalism by some and great art by others.

25 international streetart artist visited Aarhus, september 2017, and created 50 new pieces of art on tall wooden boards in the street and park by the Aros art museum and City Hall (seen in the background in these photos).

In this event, you had the opportunity to see the artists at work.

Sometimes it is great to ‘visit’ your own city. Be a tourist in your own country. Often times you will see the usual sights in a new light.

Streetart_Graffiti_Mural_Aarhus_Denmark_photo_Marina_Aagaard   Streetart_Graffiti_Mural_Aarhus_Denmark_photo_Marina_Aagaard   Streetart_Graffiti_Mural_Aarhus_Denmark_photo_Marina_AagaardStreetart_Graffiti_Mural_Aarhus_Denmark_photo_Marina_Aagaard     Streetart_Graffiti_Mural_Aarhus_Denmark_photo_Marina_Aagaard           Streetart_Graffiti_Mural_Aarhus_Denmark_photo_Marina_Aagaard

Graffiti and streetart? Like!

Galleri Grisk? Like!

Tagging and graffiti defacing beautiful buildings (also ‘streetart’)? Dislike!

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