Bocagrande Beach: Sunny Cartagena, Colombia

Bocagrande. A neighborhood in Cartagena, Colombia. An L shaped peninsula with large sandy beaches with silky sand and plenty of sea, sky and sun.

In addition to the beaches and beach life, Bocagrande is ‘hotel town’; home to elegant new hotels, shabby older hotels, big hotels and small hotels.
Hiding between the hotels are small shops, mini markets, some local restaurants and …KFC and McDonalds.

A (fairly) typical seaside resort area: Love it or hate it.

So what about us, husband Henrik and I? On a beach vacation?

Nope, on a photo trip. Because Cartagena is much more than ‘just’ 28-32 degrees Celsius, sea, sand, palms, pina coladas and casinos.

Today, on our first morning (visit) ever in the Caribbean, we are taking it easy:
We take a walk, not in the park, but in the neighborhood; the beaches.

The Caribbe(an) is getting a make-over by bright orange maintenance crew.

Hablas Espaniol? No? The sign meaning is clear, no matter what your lingo is.

Pericolo means danger. Do not go out on the rocks. Unless you’re a cat.

Backpacking tree with a water bottle in its lap. You do not see that very often.

Birds. Birds. Birds. Everywhere birds.


A group of fishermen are pushing their boat into the crashing waves.

Around the corner; Facade crumbling, garbage on the beach. But busy beach life after all. Another local girl carrying another basket of fruit.

Beach colours. The sharp sunrays light up everything from toys to parasols.

Two balloon animals in conversation.

A day on the beach?

No, after a few hours in the sun, we flee into the shadows of the skyscrapers.

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