A Mindbody Day Trip: Sculpture by the Sea

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

A phenomena started on Bondi coastal walk, Sydney, and an annual event on Cottesloe beach in Perth, Australia, now for the third time an immensely popular june event in Aarhus, second city of Denmark, a population of 307.117, and named European Capital of Culture for 2017: Sculpture by the Sea; it’s mindbody-blowing.

sea wire

Permanent sunrise. Small detail. Alejandro Propato, Argentina.
Steel tubes, nylon wire. 600 x 4500 x 1500 cm.

Luckily for me Aarhus is my birthplace and close to my present home, so today I take a 28 km trip to town to take a 7 km (4,4 mile) walk at the beach for fitness and watch some art for wellness. The exhibition, over 60 sculptures, by the sea, in the sea and in the wood next to the sea, is free. However, I would recommend (always) buying the cataloque in order not to miss some hidden gems or the meaning of it all … 

sculpture by the sea evidence

Sculpture by the Sea - evidence the trail continues II

Evidence the trail continues. Plastic lids and cable ties.
100 x 200 x 4800 cm. Artist: Kerrie Argent.

At a distance it looks like a bed of flowers. Up close it is a comment to the environmental challenges. Statement: “People are like slugs, you can see where they have been by the trail they leave behind”! Enter: A ‘snail trail’ made by 88.000 plastic bottle lids bound together by cable ties. A brilliant reminder.

Sculpture by the sea Aarhus Snake

sea mobile

Snake. Carbon fibre, precision bearing, lead, steel. 910 x 12,7 x 127 cm. Artist: Phil Price.

A mesmerizing beautiful kinetic work moved by every little puff of wind. Artist statement: “In the story of the fall of man, a snake is tempting Eve to eat an apple from the forbidden tree to gain knowledge of good and evil”. …

There is more to art than meets the eye, I dare say.
And combo, nature, culture, fitness, made my day! 

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