Travelling Moments: Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Once I had a guest from ‘down under’ visiting Denmark, a-nice-country-but-not-one-to-visit-if-you-want-guaranteed-sun. I apologized as often before: “I am sorry about this weather, the rain and the fog” (it was summer). He replied “It is super nice, I am used to sun 365 days a year, so this different and refreshing”.
That reply made me aware, that I personally prefer very varied views and ‘weathers’ and from that time, I have welcomed most weather situations at home and travelling … even if I am surrounded by notions of “sun equals fun”.

I was reminded of this, because of the different views lately:
Last week on a cruise. This weekend back to ‘work’. And, thanks to the NGTF, National Gymnastics Federation, who invited me, that work, group exercise course instructor training, brought me back to Oslo, Norway.


Last week: Mediterranean plus Ibiza view from cruise ship balcony cabin. Nice.
Note: Natural colours … no filters, no photoshop, just nature!


This week: Oslo view (rooftops, castle carden) from hotelroom terrace. Super nice!
Note: Natural colours … no filters, no photoshop, just nature (soft summer rain)!

A 1-1 score; Mediterranean Sea versus Oslo City sensations. It is hard to pick a favourite; which place truly has the most beautiful view and ‘winning’ ambience?
It all depends … on the day, the situation, the company and your mood.

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