Travelling Moments: Indie Images of Oslo

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Do you know the feeling? Forgot the camera … %¤#!@£$€”%=)?!”&%£@$€£!
You are reminded at the exact time, you spot something, you would like to save.

Well never mind. I grab the phone and take a few snapshots. Very arty and ‘Dogme 95’ like and better than nothing. Or is it?
I am not in doubt; this had better not be a recurring incidence. Terrible quality. I miss the camera. But wanted to collect and share these three images of some Oslo, Norway, art; free art to be enjoyed on the road.
Other free Oslo art includes awesome architecture of all ages as well as park art in Vigelandsparken, an art-lover must-see over with 212 sculptures!


Escalators at National Theatre train station. Choose a lilac or red ride. Light art. 

IMG_0896Poetry and drama embedded in pavement around National Theatre. Word art.

IMG_0890Naive mural in Thon Europe Hotel back yard. Art?
What is art? Something that touches your heart? 

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