Ski Fitness for Skiers and Non-Skiers

Ski fitness with fun funtional fitness before skiing in Passo Tonnale“Hey you … are you fit to ski … (and everyday living)?”

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Good general fitness have a positive effect on everything you do,
that includes improving the fun factor, when you go skiing, too.

Top Tip  

Would you like to have better fitness and to shape up?
Would you like to experience skiing enjoyment non-stop?
Take your endurance, strength and balance to the top
with fun functional fitness, jumps and hop, hop, hop.

Here is a functional fitness program for general and ski-specific fitness with intermediate level exercises, hops and jumps.
For intermediate to advanced exercisers.


Important notice for skiers: It is best to prepare with a pre-season program well in advance, however, it is never too late to start with some sort of physical preparation. A little is a lot better than nothing!
But do not, unless you are an experienced exerciser/weightlifter, engage in heavy leg work or jumping immediately before a skiing holiday, because you will become very sore and have your skiing (and safety) impaired.

Are you going skiing and have not started preparing yet, then start with a basic program, eg. SKI FITNESS (1) presented in my blog post of November 2011. Enjoy.

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