Valentine’s Day Pulse & Passion

Heart and Health Happy Valentine

Your heart loooooooooves exercise. 
ise your heart: Exercise with your loved one(s) …

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Top Tip

Strengthen your heart with CV* exercise.
Strengthen your heart with fun and games; it’s nice.
Strengthen your heart, to your health; a wonderful spice.

Strengthen your heart with varied WOD**: Roll the idea-dice.
Strengthen your heart with passion, “give your cake some ice”.
Strengthen your heart; it will sing: “What a lovely surprise”.

* CV: Cardiovascular (for heart and veins)
** WOD: Workout Of the Day

Cardiorespiratory Exercise Recommendations (ACSM, 2011)

Frequency: ≥ 5 days/week for moderate intensitety, fairly light-somewhat hard, or ≥ 3 days/week for vigorous intensity, somewhat hard-very hard, or ≥ 3-5 days/week for a combination of both.

Intensity: Moderate and/or high (for apparantly health adults).

Time (duration):
30-60 minutes at a moderate intensity or
20-60 minutes at a vigorous intensity or a combination of both.

Note: These recommendations are for apparently healthy adults – and initially you may benefit from a lot less; if you are not used to exercise, start out gradually: 3-5 minutes, preferably daily or 3-5 times a week, and increase over time.
Strengthen your heart; live longer, healthier, happier!

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