Habit change? Willpower is a muscle …

By Marina Aagaard, MFE
Willpower is a muscle. Give it a good workout.

One of my favorite quotes: ”Willpower is like a muscle”, prof. Dr. Roy Baumeister, Psychology Dept. of Florida State University, author of the book ‘Willpower’.
Willpower Peak

Top Tip

Work on willpower (almost) non-stop.
Do not – this time around – give up.
Remove any obstacle; crop, crop, crop.
Then willpower strength will go way to the top.

Are you lacking in the willpower department and in need of more motivation?

Then this sure is science for you; willpower is like a muscle;

  • can be trained
  • is fatiqued when used
  • gets stronger with training
Undfortunately research has shown, that we have a limited amount of willpower and if we exert ourselves with various tasks and problems – even little ones like puzzles and crosswords – willpower levels go down here and now!
This is highly relevant information: Now you know what to do to strengthen your willpower and empower yourself:
Train your willpower: Small daily tasks, small increment technique, for success.
Avoid (over)exertion of your brain, willpower, at times, when you really need it.
Be prepared. Prepare yourself for times with low levels of willpower!
  • Pack workout gear so it is ready, when you get home after a long day at work/school.
  • Shop, when you are full and rested – read: Do not shop on an empty stomach …
  • Clear up your mess, when you are stocked up on energy!
Enjoy living with a stronger willpower muscle!

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