Got Goals? Go Goalsetting!

Goals Goalsetting TurtleDon’t let it drop, don’t you give up.
Know that this year, your goal is near.

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

In january the media is full of diets and lifestyle changing programs.

However, in spite of high hopes most followers drop out of these programs.
But why? Because of a lack of specific goals, plans and actions.

Realism is often lacking, too: 30 years of bad habits isn’t eliminated in 3 weeks …

Top Tip

This year you want better habits, too?
Well, then there is good news for you.
Set goals, make plans and follow through;
write it down, ‘live it up’; it works, it is true!

For goalsetting and action-planning use the SMART-model

Specific – make specific, exact, plans and take action specific to your goal(s).

Measurable – set precise goals (kg, cm, sec., etc.), not just “stronger” or “slimmer”;
measurable goals are crucial to your success.

Attainable, accepted and action-oriented – choose attainable doable goals and see to that they are known by friends and family, so that they may back you up.

Realistic – do have a dream goal, but set up a plan of smaller goals for every week or month, having lots of successes on the way makes it easier to stay on track.

Timed – set a date, timeframe, for your goal and smaller goals; this increases your chances of reaching your goal.

Go for your goals:

  • Write down your goal and timeframe. Write it down to make it happen. Write down
    all the reasons, why this is your goal, the more the better, this keeps you on track.
  • Write down smaller goals for every 1-2 months and your action plans.
  • Write down specific actions for every 1-2 weeks; preferably small increments, a viable method for lasting new habits, eg. each week reduce white bread consumption by 1-2 slices, have 1 soft drink less per week and increase exercise by 2-3 x 1-5 minutes per week – yes, you can!.
    Even with a minimal effort you will have an accummulated effect week by week.
  • My special tip for you: Have a look at yourself right now!
    How is your health and fitness today?

    Three reasons why many New-Year-New-Habit resolutions dwindle are, that you
    1) forget the reasons for your goals,
    2) forget your starting point and
    3) do not notice the all of the progress.That is why it is smart to check on your status right now right here, eg. measure your waistline, take a snapshot wearing underwear, take your resting heart rate (1-minute heart rate count, when you lie in your bed in the morning) and do a push-up test.From your findings set up a realistic goal and some smaller goals.
    Then every month – or every other month – check your progresss.
    This increases motivation and perseverance!
    Go for it!

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