Fitness To Go … also for Snow

Kitzsteinhorn Ski Fitness before skiingKitzsteinhorn, 3035 m, Hohe Tauern, Kaprun, Zell-am-See, Austria. Gletscher skiing.

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Whether you ‘just’ want to get into (better) shape this year or you are going skiing soon, here you have an effective express bodyweight program for strengthening muscles and bones; for becoming strong and stable in (almost) no time.

Top Tip 

Work out: Balance, strengthen and hop,
the way to peak; your fitness go way up!
Work out: Up, down, bend, extend and turn,
become strong and stable plus plenty fat burn …

A good workout is not just about having a good program, it also requires good technique.
It is better to do only a few repetitions with a correct, biomechanically sound, technique, than to do as many as possible with a poor, sloppy technique.
You should always feel in control of the movement and have a nice workout experience.
Keep your back straight (normal curvature) and knees and feet aligned. Happy workout.

Your express intermediate workout for everyday living and skiing, enjoy: SKI FITNESS 2.

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