Travel fitness: 100 Workout Basic Step Raw circuit training

Af Marina Aagaard, MFT

The 100 Workout of the day is based on the seven basic steps of Sports Aerobic plus three variations. A cardiovascular, and maybe stamina, workout.
For fast and easy exercise in the gym, at the job, at home or when you travel.

100 workouts are popular time-efficient circuit training workouts with a common feature:

10 or fewer exercises repeated 10-100 times or for a period of 10-100 seconds.
There are numerous models. Here is an easy one.

I designed this for Travel Fitness and for Ski Fitness (part of workout) and it works; your heart rate and energy level increases – as well as energy consumption.

The workout consists of raw basic steps in mixed impact with the feet in and out of contact with the surface, but it can be adapted as desired for pure

High impact, with propulsion, both feet leave the ground (replace walk with gallop).

Low impact, with one foot on the ground at all times (replace jack with step out jack).

Too hard? Lower intensity by using smaller movements and slower tempo.

Too easy? Increase intensity by using bigger movements and faster tempo.


100 Workout Basic Step Raw

90 JOG or RUN
80 SKIP low skip, variation: 20 legs front, 20 side, 20 back, 20 front
70 KNEELIFT, low impact or high impact – maybe double tempo high knees
60 KICK, variation: 20 high kick front, 20 side, hip abduction, 20 back, hip extension
50 JUMPING JACK, high impact, or low impact, step out jack
40 LUNGE tap back low impact, 20 basic, 20 right/left or high impact jump lunge
30 JUMP focus on being light on your toes
20 TWIST jump feet side to side, 180 degrees
10 SQUAT JUMP parallel squat and high jump

100 Workouts

  • Fast workout for cardiovascular exercise og strength-endurance.
  • Principle: 100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10. Number of repetitions or seconds.
  • Circuit principle: 1-3 rounds. Start over after last movement.

Warning 1: When working out within a time frame, do not get sloppy, maintain good form.

Warning 2: Many 100 workouts result in extra muscle fatigue. Be careful, avoid injury.

Warning 3: Many 100 workouts promise a set number of kJ burned. May happen or not.

3 Excellent Exercises: For Ski Fitness or Slimming and Six-Pack

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

On your way out of the door for a skiing holiday and have given up on getting in shape, because you think it is too late … or you are getting annoyed with your January fitness program, because your six-pack is nowhere in sight?
Either way, these three super exercises are for you. Know this: It is never too late and they will work (also for busy travellers).

The three bodyweight exercises are intermediate level – a dose of basic training beforehand is a good idea – and they can be progressed with weights.
Fantastic fitness exercises, that boost performance, fatburning and fun; a 3-in-1 workout:
1) strength and power, 2) stability and 3) mobility (flexibility and agility).

1. Jumps (squat jump)
 on the spot (with or without weight) and travelling in several directions. Take-off from entire foot. Use the arms. Land with soft knees.

2. Multi-lunges. Progress traditional lunges with movements in more directions.
Train with varied amplitude, small and large range of motion. Check, that the space around you is free of obstacles (especially behind you). Keep knees and feet aligned.

3. Planks with movement. Bored with planks? Make a move! Get more out of your workout by adding various movements; e.g. mountainclimber or plank lunge. Stabilize; contract your core, keep the torso and lower back stable. Body in a straight line.

Workout: 1-3 (4) sets of 8-16 repetitions. 1 minute rest-pause between sets.

Enjoy (below for inspiration; skiing holiday snapshots; Sauze d’Oulx/Sestriere, Italy).

Sestriere skiing holiday Marina Aagaard is high photo Henrik Elstrup

Sestriere skiing trip off-piste tracks photo Henrik Elstrup

Winter snow on trees around Sauze d'Oulx and Sestriere Photo Henrik Elstrup

Holiday on Snow Ski lift and mountains Sauze d'Oulx Sestriere Photo Henrik Elstrup

Sestriere skiing tour with light snow photo Henrik Elstrup

Fit for Ski or Just Fit? Slide and Glide, It’s a Hit!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Skiing and skiing holidays – as well as every day and leisure time activities –
are much more fun, when you have strength and stamina and don’t get tired or sore.
 Get fit by doing basic training for skiing, ski fitness.

Traditional basic training and fitness, e.g. running, cycling and leg press, primarily involves backward-forward movement in the sagittal plane, while many sports movements including skiing involves lateral, frontal plane movement.

Include lateral movement training, frontal plane training, a.o. slide training and gliding, in your fitness program, then you will have a more all-round training and be better prepared for e.g. skiing.
At the same time you work your core muscles and become more stable, so you reduce the risk of back ache and knee injury.

Here is a video, 1:01 minute, with examples of lateral movement training with three different pieces of equipment: Fitter, slideboard and Flowin. It looks easy, but you work against resistance, so it is a great workout for your muscles and cardiovascular system.
You will work up a sweat! Try one or more of these pieces of fitness equipment in your (ski) training program.

Contract your muscles well to control the movement: Feet and knees must be aligned to avoid inappropriate stress to the knees.
Start with only 5-10 minutes and progress gradually, so you build strength-endurance and improve the technique without hurting the knees during the lateral movements.
Progress to 20-30 minutes over time (weeks/month depending on form and fitness level).


Ski Fitness for Skiers and Non-Skiers

Ski fitness with fun funtional fitness before skiing in Passo Tonnale“Hey you … are you fit to ski … (and everyday living)?”

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Good general fitness have a positive effect on everything you do,
that includes improving the fun factor, when you go skiing, too.

Top Tip  

Would you like to have better fitness and to shape up?
Would you like to experience skiing enjoyment non-stop?
Take your endurance, strength and balance to the top
with fun functional fitness, jumps and hop, hop, hop.

Here is a functional fitness program for general and ski-specific fitness with intermediate level exercises, hops and jumps.
For intermediate to advanced exercisers.


Important notice for skiers: It is best to prepare with a pre-season program well in advance, however, it is never too late to start with some sort of physical preparation. A little is a lot better than nothing!
But do not, unless you are an experienced exerciser/weightlifter, engage in heavy leg work or jumping immediately before a skiing holiday, because you will become very sore and have your skiing (and safety) impaired.

Are you going skiing and have not started preparing yet, then start with a basic program, eg. SKI FITNESS (1) presented in my blog post of November 2011. Enjoy.

Fitness To Go … also for Snow

Kitzsteinhorn Ski Fitness before skiingKitzsteinhorn, 3035 m, Hohe Tauern, Kaprun, Zell-am-See, Austria. Gletscher skiing.

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Whether you ‘just’ want to get into (better) shape this year or you are going skiing soon, here you have an effective express bodyweight program for strengthening muscles and bones; for becoming strong and stable in (almost) no time.

Top Tip 

Work out: Balance, strengthen and hop,
the way to peak; your fitness go way up!
Work out: Up, down, bend, extend and turn,
become strong and stable plus plenty fat burn …

A good workout is not just about having a good program, it also requires good technique.
It is better to do only a few repetitions with a correct, biomechanically sound, technique, than to do as many as possible with a poor, sloppy technique.
You should always feel in control of the movement and have a nice workout experience.
Keep your back straight (normal curvature) and knees and feet aligned. Happy workout.

Your express intermediate workout for everyday living and skiing, enjoy: SKI FITNESS 2.

Green, Blue, Red og Black

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Green, Blue, Red or Black?
All skiers now get ready for that snow attack!
Prepare, get ski fit beforehand, don’t hold back,
Become strong and stable, so you’re right on track.

Top Tip

Oh joy, it is that time of year …
the skiing season is drawing near.
However, are your knees a.o. to you dear?
Your skiing prep starts right now, right here.

However, that is not enough … the pistes are full of #¤%&!/@£$! …
So vital tips for all skiers: 1) Be/ski responsible2) Stay focused and attentive.

Too many have too little fun – and too much soreness and fatique – on their skiing holidays, and far too many get injured. Are YOU going skiing, avoid these (big) mistakes:

1) The bindings are set incorrectly.
2) Drinking alcohol before/during skiing. Do NOT mix drinking (alcohol) and skiing!
3) Fatique and poor shape – it is relatively easy to get started. Try this program (below)

Nordic and Alpine skiing are not quite the same. The first requires extra stamina and dynamic strength-endurance. However, both disciplines requires strength, stability and balance. You can get that with many forms of exercise … choose your favourite …

The best exercise program is the one that gets done, so if you are not used to working out and have limited time, then try this 5-10 min. homeprogram: SKI FITNESS. Start now …