Green, Blue, Red og Black

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Green, Blue, Red or Black?
All skiers now get ready for that snow attack!
Prepare, get ski fit beforehand, don’t hold back,
Become strong and stable, so you’re right on track.

Top Tip

Oh joy, it is that time of year …
the skiing season is drawing near.
However, are your knees a.o. to you dear?
Your skiing prep starts right now, right here.

However, that is not enough … the pistes are full of #¤%&!/@£$! …
So vital tips for all skiers: 1) Be/ski responsible2) Stay focused and attentive.

Too many have too little fun – and too much soreness and fatique – on their skiing holidays, and far too many get injured. Are YOU going skiing, avoid these (big) mistakes:

1) The bindings are set incorrectly.
2) Drinking alcohol before/during skiing. Do NOT mix drinking (alcohol) and skiing!
3) Fatique and poor shape – it is relatively easy to get started. Try this program (below)

Nordic and Alpine skiing are not quite the same. The first requires extra stamina and dynamic strength-endurance. However, both disciplines requires strength, stability and balance. You can get that with many forms of exercise … choose your favourite …

The best exercise program is the one that gets done, so if you are not used to working out and have limited time, then try this 5-10 min. homeprogram: SKI FITNESS. Start now …

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