Fitness and Wellness: Walk Your Dog … Even if You Don’t Have One …

Af Marina Aagaard, MFE

Exercise, fitness, and wellness tip of the day; you’ve heard it all before:
Walk Your Dog … even if you don’t have one. And walk it twice a day …

If you think, that “walking your dog” with a real dog would be better, you may be right. But make sure then, that you get the right piece of ‘exercise equipment’.

What product do you need? What dimensions and specifications?
What price? Check if there are any unexpected extra costs etc. …

Before buying any exercise equipment get some independent advice … don’t buy the wrong equipment, which either does not meet or maybe exceed your requirements.

Do you need a 1,1, a 2,0, a 4,2 or a 6,0 litre engine?
Do you need a top speed of 120 KPH (75 MPH) or 320 KPH (199 MPH)?
Can you afford/do you have time for a little or a large piece of equipment?

At the store, don’t get carried away by good looks. Concentrate.

REXDoes the equipment meet your requirements?
… and do you meet the requirements of the equipment?!
Rex (2) It may look easy at the shop, but can you, too, get the equipment to work properly? Rex og træDoes your equipment function as it is expected to or is it living a life of its own?
(Rex Aagaard: Pardon me, tree, I thought you were a bone).

Happy workout, happy weekend!

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