Saint Valentine’s Day Hug and Kiss: It is Healthy and a Bliss!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Today is the day, when lovers express their love for each other, and a liturgical celebration instated around 495 AC; a day named after the Roman priest Valentine.
Valentine, later Saint Valentine of Rome, continued – in spite of the laws against marriage of Christians – to marry soldaters; this unfortunately lead to his dimise on 14.2.269 (exact year unknown).
Saint Valentines Day is big business for flourists, chocolatiers and Hallmark … but also a day, when you without any expense and with great rewards can cultivate romance and health. Hug around right now.

Whether you are in a romantic mood or not, it is clever to pamper yourself with warmth and touch for physical, mental, emotional and social wellness; touch, stimulation of the skin, can improve recovery, reduce stress and increase overall well-being.


Social Bonding Bonus (apart form health and wellness): Researcher Christian C. Nocera tells, that “touch and greatings involving touch, such as handshakes and kisses on the cheek, can have great impact on our social interactions.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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