5 Wellness Ways to Weight loss or Weight maintenance

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Today I was interviewed by a journalist, who wanted to know, why it is so difficult to stick to your New Years resolutions (diets)?
There can be several reasons: One reason is, that old habits die hard. Another reason is, that most people aim way too high with I-wanna-lose-weight-and-I-wanna-lose-it-right-now goals!

Again and again it is proven, that the ‘small increment technique” is the way to long-lasting results for weight loss and weight maintenance.
In order for new habits to become old habits, they need to be manageable and ‘edible’; it is wise to start with just one or two small improvements at a time.

Healthy diet with vegetables and healthy oils for weight loss or weight maintenance

Here are five suggestions, that works well, whether you are at home or travelling:

1. Eat more vegetables (moderate amount of fruit). Begin by eating a vegetable in the morning, e.g. a big tomato, and a vegetable at noon and in the afternoon, e.g. red peppers or some sort of sweet cabbage. It is easier to get plenty of greens, when you eat them throughout the day. Note: Many vegetables taste (almost) like candy, such as organic carrots, beetroots or sweet peppers..
Do you find it difficult to eat enough vegetables each day? Then try ‘supplementing’ with your own vegetable smoothies (add a little fruit and yoghurt); like milkshakes, but healthy!

2. Go for whole grain products, e.g. when buying bread, rice and pasta; it tastes better, it is more filling and it is a sneaky replacement for all the unhealthy ‘white’ stuff…

3. Eat 10-12 raw almonds as a snack, if needed.
Chew many times, 35-50 bites (!) each; they last longer and taste like marzipan.
Only eat snacks, if you feel you need to, if you are often hungry between meals (and if you are, then check the quality of your meals).

4. Eat ‘healthy’ (mono and poly unsaturated) oils every day. E.g. make salad dressings with 2-3 spoonfuls of rapeseed oil (or olive oil) and balsamico, e.g. for a salad with cabbage with some pumpkin seeds.
Healthy fat is essential for your brain and bodily functions, so also eat some fat fish such as salmon, trout or mackerel for lunch or dinner several times a week.

5. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day throughout the day. Avoid all drinks containing sugar – they promote fatness – including alcohol (alcohol is not healthy, it is fattening and makes you ill, so enjoy it in moderation for the taste of it).
Tip: It you do drink alcohol, then drink slowly, (‘chew’) taste every mouthful and drink water as well. Enjoy alcohol together with food to slow down uptake.

Say no to deprivation. Say yes to better tasting options (habits).

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