Cruise Fitness: Mission Impossible?

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

On board a ship for most of the day for many days on end. On board a ship with a 100 yard buffet and restaurants with 4-5 course meals, morning, midday and evening. On board a ship with more than seven bars and two ice cream bars.
Is it imposible to keep fit, when on a cruise?

Cruise drink x

Cruise ship bar and pina coladas (great, if you need to gain weight).

No, it is not impossible to keep fit. It has been tested by yours truly. Without cutting down on food and drink, it is possible to stay in shape and fairly fit, if you are willing to do a little (or a lot of) extra movement during the day.

Depending on how much you want to lash out, you may be able to keep fit just by being slightly more active, than during your every day life. Stand and walk more than you normally do and always take the stairs, not the elevators.

Cruise disco

Cruise ship disco. Put on your boogie shoes stylish stilettos.

If you insist on enjoying ‘unusually large amounts’ of food and drink, I know I would, then there is nothing doing: You gotta:

1) Participate in as many of the on board sports activities as possible.
2) Dance at the lounges or disco all night.
3) Work out at the ships fitness centre for ½-1 hour (or more) every day.

cruise fitness cntr 5

Cruise ship fitness centre. Very well equipped, thank you very much.

Of course you can choose to say: 1) I am on holiday, I can’t be bothered. Or: 2) I will take a chance, maybe I will maintain weight and keep fit.
O.k., but don’t come back and say, that I did not warn/inform you …

Happy cruisin’ …

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