A trip to the Port of Aarhus: Tall Ships Races 2013

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

A trip to The Tall Ships Races 2013 in my hometown Aarhus, July 4-7th.
Aarhus, second-largest city of Denmark, has a strong maritime heritage and a very busy port (position 56° 10′ N – 10° 13′ E).
As the principal port of Denmark Aarhus has hosted many sail sport events and is a Tall Ships Races host city since 2007; an immensely popular and free event with huge numbers of visitors of all ages enjoying food, drinks, music and sailing on the ships.

Tall ships races small and tall sailing ships

From 30 to 300 footers. From old-school to new-school.
And art at sea: International maritime signal flags.

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of ports, the beauty of sailing ships, the power and ever-changing scenery of the sea and like to watch the habitats and skills of sailors, then you should go see a harbour near you – and watch tall ships if possible …

Tall ship from Sweden in Port of Aarhus

Götheborg of Sweden. Crew is dressed up in original clothes of ships era.
And cannons were fired several times. A multi-sensory event!

What a wonderful (long) weekend in Aarhus. People came from near and far to watch the spectacular event: 104 beautiful sailing ships with around 4000 crew members from different 30 countries. Canal boats cruised continuously with wide-eyed and open-mouthed spectators.

You do not have to be a sailing nerd to find, that this is a fantastic experience.

Sailing ships leaving port of Aarhus

Russian, German, and Danish sailing ship are setting sails and leaving port …
together with another 101 ships. The live version was awesome.

Tall ship from Mexico in Port of Aarhus

Watch masts closely! Crew at Cuauhtemoc, Mexico, put on a superb show; climbing speedily in syncronicity and posing elegantly ‘all over’ the masts leaving port.

Port of Aarhus Tall Ships Races 2013

The Tall Ships Races since 1956 (from Torbay, England, to Lisboa, Portugal).
At first every other year, then every year with different host cities.
In 2013: Aarhus, Danmark, July 4-7th, Helsinki, Soumi-Finland, July 17-20th , Riga, Latvia, July 25-28th and Szczecin, Poland, August 3-6th.

Just goes to show: You do not have to travel around the globe to experience amazing things. Sometimes the World comes to your place …
What is happening in your neighbourhood?

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