Top 10 Mallorca Favourites

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

714 aircraft land daily in Palma de Mallorca; 26 million passengers a year;  13 million tourists to the island with something  for every taste.
Including mine.

Many Majorca travelers are attracted to guaranteed sunshine and hot weater – a Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sunshine a year – and the beautiful beaches. But is that it?

Personally I – full of boring-tourist-hell prejudice – had to be dragged to the island the first time. It took just one visit, then I too was a Mallorca fan: The amazing nature and access to all kinds of experiences within reach. Photo Henrik Elstrup: Sunrise run, Sa Coma.


Here is a non-prioritized list of 10 things that make Mallorca special; first some of the obvious thing, then the special ones:

# 1 Water

The sea around the island is in a league of its own: Crystal clear sea water over sand and coral reefs. Water in blue and azure shades, instagrammers love it. The water surrounds the cliffs and beaches in the countless little calas, coves, as seen in travel agencies’ exotic posters. Photo: Arta and Canyamel on the east coast.


# 2 Water activities

The sea can of course be enjoyed at a distance, but being on it, in it and under it (surface) is pure wellness.
Swimming in the open sea is a top multi-sensory experience. The extra advantage in Mallorca is the clear water and the view of cliffs and caves.


Boat trips along the coast give a special view of the landscape.
Glassbottom boat tours? O.k., But actually you do not see all that much, because of the water bubbles around the boat during sailing.

Diving. Beginners can learn and the experienced can go deeper. Diving
centers, for example: Skualo in Portocolom and Porto Cristo, Tramuntana Diving in Port de Pollenca and Mar Balear in Port Adriano.

Kayak rowing. You can rent kayaks on an hourly basis or sign up for tour-classes in many places on the island.

Kite surfing. Beginners have the opportunity to learn it and the skilled surfers have many opportunities. One of the best kitesurfing schools is Pura Vida in Alcudia (Lifestyle).

Sailing. You can learn to sail and take a certificate at one of the many schools on the island, for example:  The National Sailing School in Port Calanova near Palma or Sail & Surf in Port de Pollenca. If money is not a problem, then it is possible to charter a yacht or sailboat with or without staff.

Snorkeling . Mallorca offers amazing adventures under the sea’s surface. You can rent or buy equipment in many places. Want to snorkel on your own, then Cala s’Almunia, Cala Mondrago and Cala Sant Vicenc are recommended.

SUP, Stand Up Paddling. Offered many places on the island. There is a SUP Center where you can rent equipment or sign up for classes. The best times are early morning or late evening, where the sea is calmer.

Surfing. Mallorca is not a surfer paradise, but nevertheless you can find surfing possibilities in Cala Mesquida, Colonia de Sant Pere and Son Serra de Marina. With the right weather conditions ,you can also surf at Santa Ponca, Can Pastilla and Ciudad Jardin (Lifestyle).

In addition to wind and water activities, you can do para-sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding (jet skiing on board), jet skiing and flyboarding (a water hose board, water pressure can shoot airborne 15m in air and 2.5 m down in water).


# 3 Beaches

There are over 500 km of coastline and over 200 beaches offering extraordinary wellness: silky smooth, fine sand, chalk-white or light sandy colors. Great to walk in with bare feet, both on the beach and in the water.

There are beaches with lots of life, parasols, bars and restaurants – and then there are undisturbed, quiet paradise spots. In some places, the ‘beach’ is a rocky area from which you dive into the water from the cliff or via a ladder.


Top 25 Beaches (Lifestyle)

These beaches are very different, large and small, with or without facilities.
Check them out online before going.

  1. Formentor
  2. Cala Sant Vicenc
  3. Playa de Port de Pollenca
  4. Playa de Alcudia (picture above)
  5. Playa de Muro
  6. Can Picafort
  7. Son Serra de Marina
  8. Cala Na Clara
  9. Cala Torta
  10. Cala Mesquida
  11. Cala Agulla
  12. Cala Romantica
  13. Cala Varques
  14. Cala Mondago and Playa S’Amarador
  15. Cala Llombards (photo below)
  16. Calo des Moro
  17. Es Trenc
  18. Playa de Palma
  19. Seems ill
  20. Cala Cap Falco
  21. Portals Vells
  22. Camp de Mar
  23. Port de Soller
  24. Cala Tuent
  25. Sa Calobra


# 4 Caves

The island is full of caves, made of limestone and shaped by water for millions of years. A journey underground in a Jules Verne The journey-to-the-center-of-the-earth-universe is a unique nature experience. The caves are must-see attractions. Personally I’m fascinated by caves and travel to visit them.

Some of Majorca’s biggest and best caves are:

  1. Cuevas Arta, Arta, Capdepera (photo)
  2. Cuevas del Drach, Porto Cristo
  3. Cuevas dels Hams, Porto Cristo
  4. Cuevas de Campanet, Inca
  5. Avenc de Son Pou, Santa Maria del Cami (closed pt, 2018t)

The only minus: The largest caves are illuminated with colored lights and light shows. It is unnatural and unnecessary, because the caves with their stalactites and stalagmites are amazing in themselves. Most caves are quite easily accessible, but not suitable for pedestrians or prams.

# 5 Mountains

Dramatic rocks are a delight – and there are plenty of cliffs and mountain scenery in Majorca. The mountain range Serra de Tramuntana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Natural Park and a paradise for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. I’ve been there every time I’ve been to Mallorca. Run (walk) or bike yourself, but get a local guide for special tours and climbing.


# 6 Food and wine

Food and meals? Fact: It is an essential part of travel experiences and holiday memories. In many Majorca restaurants, the food is excellent.

Foodies can choose from 12 Michelin restaurants and several other excellent places to eat. The food can hence be superb, but I have also tasted sorry, oil-submerged local cucina, and ordinary, tasteless touristic menus.

Mallorcine wines, both white and red, are available in many great varieties. In fact, regardless of the taste of the wine, it improves the overall (travel) experience, when you sample the local produce.

Great food, delicious lunch menu, wine (Quibia), service and view at Port Petit , Cala d’Or Marina.
Or an exquisite salmon salad “on can” intake at La Scala, nice restaurant with top service, also in Cala d’Or Marina.


# 7 Cities and architecture

The small villages have idyllic houses with impressive stone walls and gardens with an abundance of cacti, palms and flowers. In the cities, suburbs and holiday areas, there is a mix of old and new architecture in stone, brick and concrete with either original or whitewashed facades.


The houses come in all sizes from small to huge, for Mr and Mrs Mallorca, German billionaires and American film stars, as well as tourists from Europe in particular.
You will also see ruins, monasteries, castles and churches. The main attraction is the great cathedral, the Catedral de Mallorca , called La Seu, in Palma. It costs less than EUR 10 to visit the church and the museum.


The monastery of Lluc; sparkling chandeliers, golden colors and Ave Maria in the dome.

# 8 Shopping

Mallorca is known for … Majorca pearls (Majorica factories and outlets in Manacor) and leather goods (factories and outlets in Inca).

In addition, as on the mainland, there are amazing shoes, clothes, hats and bags in all price ranges. Although lodging, restaurant visits and luxury goods can be expensive in Mallorca, Palma, you can find many great things at reasonable or low prices.

When I, who is otherwise not that much of a shopper, visited the island for the first time, I had to buy an extra suitcase for all the newly acquired shoes and accompanying bags!

There are markets all days of the week – in different cities, with different themes and different qualities. Ask for a brochure at the local tourist office.

# 9 Art and Design

You can find exciting designer things for the home (but much is too big to carry on board the plane).

There are many large outlets or small shops with local unique art such as ceramics and jewelry. There are also ‘arty’ effects of any kind in stores and in markets.

If you want to see something special there are museums and galleries. In Palma there is the  Juan Miro museum and in Andratx you will find CCA, a museum with modern, special and interesting pictures and sculptures (photo).


# 10 Nightlife

I love the nightlife (though I am not overdoing it these days). Mallorca has a vibrant nightlife from around 22 o’clock to 5 o’clock. Discos, jazz clubs, bars and events with dj’s with lounge, house and dance in many styles. The clubs are found especially in Palma, but the larger cities, tourist areas and the ports have bars with dj music all night long.
Are you eager for more, you can take a trip to Ibiza and experience the world’s best DJs at the world’s biggest clubs like Ushuaia, Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia and Eden. Return ticket approx 100-200 EUR. Entrance fee 50-80 EUR.

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