Travel and holiday fitness and exercise: Is it worth it? Yes or no?

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Do you have to work out when on vacation? Perhaps.
Does it pay off to work out when on vacation? Absolutely.
Does working out take time away from your vacation time? Not necessarily.

Do you have to work out on vacation?

Yes. It is very often a good idea because an active vacation is usually more fun.
You get around and experience more and working out boosts your mood (even higher).

Maybe. If you are stressed out, a vacation acts as rest and recovery. But in stressful times it is important to choose the right holiday exercise; some benefit from intense physical activity, while others get more stressed by it. In the latter case, gentle forms like walking, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, swimming or free diving with breathing exercises are recommended.

Does it pay off to work out when on vacation?

Yes. Apart from the fact that holiday exercise mostly makes the holiday even more enjoyable, it increases energy consumption, so you can enjoy ice cream or a cool cocktail without gaining weight. Movement makes a difference; improves mood, health and weight maintenance – also on vacation.

Maybe. Exercise should improve the holiday experience, so activities should be selected so that they are perceived as fun and easy without stress and hassle. No matter what kind of physical activity it pays off ‘calorie expenditure wise’, though.
Also exercise can prevent holiday stress, back ache and headache.

Does working out take time away from your vacation time?

No. As a general rule. For many travellers exercise – or rather physical activity such as hiking, biking, running, swimming, stand-up paddling (SUP), various forms of ketcher- and ball games and much more – has become a natural, integral part of the vacation.
As there are so many different offers, that there is something for everyone and all ages.

Maybe. But time investment can be very limited, maybe around 20-30 minutes 1-3 times during the holidays (week) as desired or needed.

If you want formalized fitness, it may require facilities, equipment or space and maybe even a real gym for those wishing weights and / or machines.

Vacation workouts can be short if you want them to be. Intensive resistance training workouts can be completed  in just 15-30 minutes and one may even settle for 5-10 minutes. Cardio workouts start at 10-15 with interval work. And everything counts.

Happy travelling.
Enjoy your workout.

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