Total Travel Day: Long haul flight from A to B

A (great) day of travelling starts.


06:20 Aalborg AAL – Amsterdam AMS
08:00 Out of the plane, disembark, go to the Transfer area.
10:15 Departure time and boarding at 9:40. However, some passengers were missing.
10:30 Amsterdam AMS –

A little late, but perfect take-off.

AAL airport

Until last year I had never flown out of Aalborg Airport, Denmark, but now I have flown from there four times in a row during the past year. A small modern airport with a major attraction: Free parking.

Procedures are normally speedy at AAL, but today – incidentally one of the biggest travel days of the year (around school holiday start) – the airport luggage belt has broken down. Poor AAL! But a security employee claims a technician is on his way.

Time passes slowly. Even though it is early in the day, 4 o’clock in the morning, there are many people at the airport and first you have to queue at check-in and then you are sent to a new queue that leads to a conveyor belt that normally lives a quieter life … in the area for over-sized baggage.
Fortunately everyone seems to cope with this with high spirits.

On board the Cityhopper

On board. Cityhopper it is called, but today it is hopping from country to country:
From Aalborg to Amsterdam Schiphol, a large and lively airport.


A fast 1½ hour trip. With XX number of pictures of clouds. A sight I never get tired of – and I’m not the only one; Others also snap away by the windows.


Mini meal: Water, coffee and sandwich. Not super healthy; just bread, butter and cheese; But delicious cheese and as a mitigating circumstance the bread is whole wheat – and the milk for the cheese is from “Happy Cows”; everything is good.

At the airport

Schiphol is big and bright and has lots of shops and even more importantly: Many nice restaurant, bars and cafes, where you can stuck up on power for you and your PC and mobile. And there is free WIFI throughout the airport.

After a quick snack, we quickly find F4 our gate for this flight.

With the Dreamliner

The paint has barely dried on this plane, a Dreamliner: State-of-the-art. Beautiful design with smart details.
An innovative feature – new to me: At the windows no shutters, but a touch system, so the windows change color from clear to dark blue (in photo only semi-dark but very dark for night flights are possible).


The In-flight entertainment system is brilliant and logical, easy to operate and full of music, games and new feature films. And my favorite channel: Flight information with 3-D view with the option of a ‘view’ from the cockpit, right or left side of the plane or from above. With info about: Time to destination. Local time of departure. Local time of arrival. Height and speed.

Meal on board: First a snack, salty almonds and water or juice.
Lunch selection in Economy section: Chicken or pasta. I would have said chicken but accidentally sais pasta as the pastaloving person I am. Not much protein, but tasty.


In addition, or as a starter, some kind of coleslaw with thinly sliced ​​cabbage and small pieces of vegetables. For dessert bread and butter and biscuits with cheese and a tiramisu-like dessert. Not bad.
To accompany the food water – of course (there are also juices, sodas, beer, wine or spirits). After dinner, you can choose between nice UTZ coffee or tea.

A few hours before landing a light evening meal: A kind of pizza bread (!), A delicious caprese salad (mozzarella and tomato and spices) and a mousse dessert.
For this again water and beverages as desired plus coffee or tea.

A thing I have not seen before: Waste sorting on board the plane? Normally everything goes down into the same rubbish container, but this time the flight attendants sort the waste, plastic and paper (with 40,000,000 meals each year, that makes a difference). 

During the flight water and juice (beverages) are served regularly.

Mission Flight Fitness

As a coach, you must walk the talk, act the way you preach. So on long-haul flights, naturally I do in-flight exercises: Get up, move about and stretch. Not only does this reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, but it also increases general well-being – you feel less tense and more relaxed.

I have even written a small ebook about Flight Fitness, health on board the plane (I am editing it at the moment. It has useful tips, but until now no photos of the exercises.
One main goal of this long haul flight is to get pictures to the book. With me, I have my husband Henrik Elstrup as a photographer.

Optimistic as I am, I hope there is enough room for demoing exercises in the economy seats – with KLM  you can upgrade at a very reasonable price, but Economy seating has been more than enough until now: There is ample room for your legs and seats are quite big and comfortable (I fell asleep in the seat this time for the first time for a long time).

But. There is not that much room on board a plane, so photography is not easy. Before take-off, we take a few pictures, but unfortunately for us, luckily for KLM, the plane is full, so it’s difficult to get some clear shots: For the sake of the other passengers, there are obviously restrictions on photography – I would not like to be photographed myself either, unless it was strictly necessary … for example now.


That’s it. We only get a few photos and will have to aim for more on the way home.

All, of course, is not lost. It is a very pleasant flight. The trip goes directly (from Amsterdam) to this special. novel destination.

After 10:30 hours, landing 14:00 local time: 1 hour in line at the immigration point, while the passport check itself is over in seconds. So we head for the baggage reclaim: Fortunately, we immediately spot two worn Samsonite suitcases going round and round.

It’s always a pleasure to see your suitcases again.

Then we go through customs and security and out, where we head towards gate 5, where we are meet by our pre-booked driver, who is to take us to our hotel.

After half an hour of driving in gray weather through a city with chaotic traffic, we arrive at our hotel for the next three days.

Unpacking. Eating.

Party? No, to bed.

20:00 local time. 03:00 at home …

Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The name says it all. A super airplane and one that uses less fuel, emits less CO2 and has a lower noise level.

Length: 62.80 m
Wing span: 60.10 m
Weight, total, max: 252.650 kg
Cruise speed 920 km / h
Range: 11.500 km
Number of passengers, max: 294

There is WIFI on board (extra charge 5, 10, 20 EUR).
As a special option you have the opportunity to “meet” others on board the plane!
Via Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, KLM help passengers connect with each other. Privacy is ensured because you have to allow / accept communication.

Personally I use travel time for preparation or rest – and normally have company (my husband), so I did not try this option myself, but think it is a novel and positive idea.

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