For your fitness and wellness: Collect new and different (exercise) experiences!

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Ever since those slacklines appeared I have secretly wanted to try one. However, this has been ‘mission impossible’, because every time I have seen one, there has been lots of active ‘liners’ and onlookers. I admit: The fear of falling from the line to me (…) pales in comparison with the fear of ridicule and loud laughs from bystanders.  

Slacklines are quite popular in Norway and I have seen them before in public places. This is brilliant, I think, as easily accessible and tempting exercise equipment is smart nudging; a kind push to help you, consciously or unconsciously, towards a healthier way of living.

By chance – luckily – my husband Henrik (who knew nothing of my desire to try) spotted a slackline (over a reassuringly soft surface), when we were on an early morning photo outing this weekend in Stavanger, Norway.

Stavanger Norway Rampline photo Henrik Elstrup

Now I could – without spectators – try out slackline walking. No, it was not easy (it would probably have been a lot easier with tuition), however, it was less impossible, than I thought, so I managed a small shaky walk. A small step of the foot, a giant leap of the mind … and probably not for the last time, either.

Marina Aagaard motion på slackline foto Henrik Elstrup

My call to you: Try something new this week. Maybe something you have pondered upon for long; a new kind of training (or something completely different) – it is motivating and good for fitness as well as wellness.

It’s enlivening and stimulating to try out different physical and mental experiences … and sometimes you discover, that you are capable of much more, than you think.

Or what do you think? Comments (and experiences) are welcome.

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