Airport Wellness

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

An airport is a special place; either you see just a glimpse of it rushing through or you have plenty of time, no rush, because your itinerary dictates a longer stay.
In that case, apart from plenty of shops, normally there is an abundance of cafes or restaurants, where you can pass time: When visiting; make smarter choices, so this part of your journey does not undermine your well-being and performance.
Avoid nausea, discomfort and fatigue and maintain health and wellness during your travelling by making some small adjustments.

Wellness on your journey coffee for two Marina Aagaard

Maybe just one cup of coffee and some almonds instead of croissants and cappuccinos?!

Do you (frequently) spend hours at the airport? Improve your airport ‘stay’ and stay healthy using these simple strategies, which also work at home.

Airport wellness

  • Drink plenty of water; so you avoid 1) dehydration and 2) liquid sugar (calories).
    Reduce or avoid or minimize coffee and tea. Avoid alcohol entirely.
  • Eat healthy, wholegrain and vegetables (÷ white bread/+ wholegrain, ÷ candy/+ nuts, etc.). “You must choose, but choose wisely.”
  • Eat in moderation. Choose a small or medium size portion.
    Find something else to do than eating, while you wait for your plane.

You do not have to be fanatic. If you are on holiday, there should be room for less healthy snacks (if so desired). But if you are a frequent traveller, e.g. jobrelated, it is wise to make some healthier choices in order to stay fit and healthy.

Example of a gradual habit change (‘detox’):

Large chai latte > small chai latte > green tea > water
Two croissants > one croissant > a small croissant > some almonds
A chocolate bar > half a chocolate bar > grapes > carrots

Happy and healthy travelling!

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