Rope Jumping Fitness: A Guide to Skipping Success

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Have you rope jumped lately? If not, it’s time to give it a go (again) a.s.a.p.
You will be amazed. It’s fast, it’s fun and for everyone (get FREE Guide below).
Jumping rope is a super cardio exercise modality suitable for exercisers of all fitness levels, from novices to skilled athletes. It requires only you and a jump rope, which is incredibly inexpensive compared to other equipment:

Rope jumping
Jump Rope Fitness improves:

  • Fatburning (fat loss and weight maintenance)
  • Body composition
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Stamina (endurance)
  • Coordination (motor skill)
  • Agility (speed work)
  • Mobility

It is simple! Even it looks impressive and challenging, it is easy to learn the basic moves, even if some say it is not (…), and you will reap the benefits immediately.

It is fun! Rope jumping is more than jogging, hopping and jumping, there are lots of variations! And you can do it with family and friends.

It is fast! 10-15 min. of rope jumping burns as many calories as 30 min. of jogging!

It is inexpensive! Jump ropes cost next to nothing compared to other equipment.

It is convenient! All day, inside, outside, at home, the gym; all you need is a little space.

It is compact! Jump ropes can easily be carried around where ever you go (travel).

It is effective! Improves endurance, coordination, agility and body composition.

If you need a little help to get started, or move on, this is for you … with all the information you need and links to rope jumping, rope skipping, demo videos (click on link to download):

ROPE JUMPING FITNESS The Complete Guide To Jump Rope Fitness

Rope skipping fitness

2 Replies to “Rope Jumping Fitness: A Guide to Skipping Success”

  1. Hi Marina
    I spent my week trying all the moves in your jumping rope video…they were elegant and awesome! But the link for the complete guide to jump robe fitness you provided in the end of the article seems to be broken 😦

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