Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg: Hills and stairs on Sejs Hede, Silkeborg

By Marina Aagaard, MFT

Friday. Holiday. Weekend trip. To the hills around Silkeborg.  The most famous one there is Himmelbjerget, but there other hills, too.

First a quick map check. Then, Henrik, T-Rex and I, are off on a small journey, a 45 minute drive, to Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg. Two hills with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

From the Silkeborg freeway, you take the exit towards Haarup and Sejs. Then last exit in the roundabout and drive towards Sejs by Borgedalsvej. After 1-1½ km there is a small sign with Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg and Parking. This is where the mini-hike starts.

Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg hills and stairs

Two hills situated on Sejs Hede (heath), about 5 km south-east of Silkeborg, north of the town of Sejs and Borre So (lake). Sindbjerg is 103 meters high and Stoubjerg (Stovbjerg) is 99 meters high.

When you follow the path from the parking area, an turn right, you will first see Stoubjerg, to the left in the background Sindbjerg.

From a distance you can see the stairs on the hillside between windblown trees, heather and mosses.

Stoubjerg has a steep path and a series of very irregular steps, 138 in total.


The stairs look appealing, though. I try to run up, but speed is wearing off …

On the hilltop; a bench and views of the countryside. From here you can see Sindbjerg (staircase on the left, steep path in the middle).

Danish spring weather: Changes from second to second from glorious sunshine and gloomy, cloudy weather.

On the other side, west side, of Stoubjerg there are more stairs, interrupted by a bit of path, 153 stairs in total.

Having come down from Stoubjerg you can look up Sindbjerg. Signs ask you to not do any mountain biking in order to preserve the heather-clad hills.

A rather long staircase with approximately 363 very uneven, irregular steps. About 363? Some of the steps are very weathered and partially covered by sand …


From both hilltops you can see for miles around especially to the south and southeast. You can see the string of lakes from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget – and the Himmelbjerget tower can be seen in clear weather.

Sindbjerg and Stovbjerg, like Himmelbjerget, are considered to be “fake hills”, slopes formed, when the ice eroded the landscape.

At the top of Sindbjerg there is a memorial of editor Sophus Soerensen, who provided for the conservation, today 56 hectares have been conserved to ensure that the hills remain with heather and without trees to preserve the view. A sign tells about the hills and the heath.

From the top of Sindbjerg you can look over to Stoubjerg and the stairs.

A beautiful area, one could easily have stayed there a bit longer. Nevertheless, we are heading home after just a short 45 minute walk today. The area around the hills are fairly easy to cover. If you want to train, “mountain walk” or “stairclimb” you will have a nice challenge, though.

Outdoor and stair enthusiasts will like this area, I think. One should, however, be very focused, when climbing the stairs, ase they are so irregular and also have wooden frames, which may cause you to stumble.

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Visit Silkeborg

The first part of Sindbjerg comes from the Old Norse “sinder”. It means “slag” (ash), which is the residual product when making charcoal. This could indicate that the trees on the ground have once been used to make charcoal of (Visit Silkeborg).

The first part of Stoubjerg is the term “living room”. There may have been a nozzle on or at the ground, or there has also been a connection to the mountain of stories or notions of a living space for underground beings, which is well in line with the fact that there is a legend to the place where it It is said that it is the great borkes tomb (Visit Silkeborg).

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