10 Question Fitness Quiz: Are you really fit enough?

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

You body is phenomenal. It has the capacity for incredible feats. There is a latent, potential, power surplus, which comes into force, when needed.
Furtermore you can condition your body to perform better – perhaps even super good – in general. Start making yourself superfit from now on.


Does your body perform as well as you would like it to?

If yes. That is great; build on that or maintain that status.

If no. No worries. You can do something about it.

No matter who you are and what your fitness level is: Ask yourself these 10 questions:


Do I have:

1..Good stamina? Can I walk, run or cycle very far, for long, without problems?

2. Good cardiovascular fitness? Can I sprint or stair run (without stopping (too soon))?

3. Good strength? Can I lift myself and heavy objects, jump high or squat deep?

4. Good strength-endurance? Can I carry things (bags, rucksacks) around for hours?

5. Good mobility? Can I move freely? Are my movements unrestricted?

6. Good balance? Am I stable on one leg and in end ranges of motion?

7. Good motor control? Can I coordinate arms and legs, follow a rhythm, catch a ball?

8. Good agility? Can I get around quickly and easily; up, down, under, over with ease?

9. Good adaptability? Can I switch with ease; light, heavy, slow, fast, inside, outdoors?

10. God mental capacity? Am I positive, balanced, motivated and focused?

Score | Number of yes-answers:

0-3 Good. You have room for improvement. Start by strengthening weaker areas.

4-7 Better. You have potential. Work on improving both stronger and weaker areas.

8-10 Best. A strong base for top performances; maintain or progress (great for brain) .

Action: Act now:

During everyday living as well as sports all the above capacities are important to varying degrees. And in special sports, leisure and travel activities you will find, that a good performance in these areas will ensure better, more fun experiences and less risk of low energy levels, poor performance or even acute or overuse injuries.

Sometimes life challenges you with mentally or physically taxing situations.

The more prepared you are, the easier and more enjoyable everything is.
Become your very own ‘Ninja Warrior’.

Do not get caught off guard. Start moving your body in a variety of (novel) ways; with all kinds of all-round functional movements from today and onwards:

Creep, crawl, walk, jog, wog, run, hop, leap, jump, lift, pull, push, heave, swing, hang, climb, throw, catch, balance, twist and more.

You do that already? Then seek greater challenges.

You can almost always move or lift more than you think.

Have an even better workout – at home or on the move!

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