Happy New Year 2015 to You and Your Loved Ones

Dear fitness and wellness fellow fan, blog follower and reader,

Now, by the end of this year 2014, I am happy, that this is a fitness blog. Throughout the year there have been lots of positive news of even more good things, which exercise and healthy living does to your body and mind: Within the World of fitness and wellness (and food) there is almost always enlivening things to blog about.

For bloggers in other areas it must have been tough; this has been a year with far too many horrible disasters (by nature or man), more wars, episodes of violence and crisis of all kinds.
I wish more people would behave responsibly, respectfully and lovingly towards other human beings and our Nature … and I wish it will be a more peaceful 2015.

Strand_morgen_Henrik_Elstrup This year my hubby and I have taken up dedicated photography again. Here a shot of the local beach the other morning. An “okay” photo by my man, Henrik Elstrup.

To you and your loved ones from me and my loves ones: A Hearty Greeting for a Great New Years Eve and New Years Morning – and new year – filled with optimism and energy for the new year 2015.


A Truly Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015

Marina Aagaard

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