Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions! Hello New Year and New Habits.

Marina Aagaard, MFE

It is that time of year again, New Year’s Resolution Time or rather:
A brand new year with ample opportunity for new beginnings, new smart moves … in your mind, body, habitat and on the move.

Don’t say goodbye to old habits, instead say hello to new and better ones – that is m u c h easier and increases chances of success.

Double Rainbow by the beach snapshot Marina AagaardSomewhere over the rainbow … (at the local beach).

As always it is true, that putting words to your dreams and goals make them more tangible and easier to reach, so do that now, right now:

  1. Write down: What are your five 3-5 major personal goals for 2014.
  2. Next to them: Write down your intended course of action.
  3. Next to that: What resources (help) do you need to succeed.

Don’t worry, if those thoughts and words seem overly optimistic. By putting precise words to those goals you are closer to success, than ever before.
Tip: Be precise. I did this and I got the things I wished for … however, I forgot to specify (i left out important details) and hence the results were not quite as expected! 

Remember the SMART strategy, when goal setting and planning:

Specific – make specific plans and take action specific to your goal(s).

Measurable – set exact goals (kg, cm, sec.), not just “stronger”, “slimmer”, “faster”.

Attainable, accepted and action-oriented; ‘publicize’ and ‘practice’ (easy goals first).

Realistic – have a dream goal and a plan of smaller goals for each week or month.

Timed – set a date, timeframe, for your goal and smaller goals.

Go for your goals … Go!

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