Time Out Aarhus: World’s Largest Ship Visit

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Some would say sad, some would say super: Taking a day trip just to go to ones own hometown to see a ship.

Maybe it is the way it has to be, when you live by/in the second-largest city of one of the smaller countries of the world; Aarhus (population ~320,000), Denmark.
You have to make every little (odd) thing into an event or destination.
Fitness-wise it is a smart move, though, to move about at every chance!

Yesterday, the world’s biggest container ship, Maersk McKinney Moller, 400 metres long, 55,000 tonnes and a cost of 185 mio. USD, visited the port of Aarhus for the first time.

All day there were a ‘beach bar’ (event restaurant), boat tours around the massive ship and container displays at the city centre next to the port.

2013 Mærsk Containere

A ‘dusky’ yesteryear-smartphone photo of the theatre and cathedral square ‘contained’.

In the evening hundreds (thousands?) of people gathered all over the port and surrounding areas to watch the giant sail on … with drinks, snacks, ice creams and cameras at hand. This is how we party, have a good Time Out in Aarhus (read; events and sights are everywhere)!

2013 Mærsk McKinney Møller sejler ud 26 08 2013

Exit: A ship sailing out. Enter: Dreams of travelling to far corners of the world.

Are we, inhabitants of the tiny country of Denmark, home of Moeller-Maersk the World’s Largest Container Ship Company, just in desperate need of sights to see?
Or do you also enjoy watching/going to/being at ports, ships and the sea?

maersk-mckinney-ship-aug-2013MV Maersk McKinney Moller (International Business Times, August 16)

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