Final Cruise Day: Bye-bye Baltic

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Question “A Baltic Cruise, how cool is that?” can now be answered: Super cool! Though weather can be full of surprises, ranging from very hot to very cold, even in summer, and rainy, the sea, cities, sights and social events are not only cool, but also warm, hot and well worth experiencing; acting upon a Baltic Cruise bargain offer ‘paid off’ in full; a cheap cruise is also a cruise.

This cruise visited Kiel, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg and included tw days at sea. Many other Baltic Cruises includes Helsinki, too, so this could be a better option, if you have not been there before; interesting city.

Baltic Cruise Day 8: Disembarkation Day

10:00 Arrival Kiel
10:15- Disembarkation

Final day. Sun shining bright, a beautiful cruise through the Kieler Fjord and a safe return to Kiel according to the program with German Italian German-like precision.

At sea sol

Last seaborne sun-rays this time around. 

On a final note: A smart move from the Cruise Ship Company: You could choose ‘self assist’, meaning that if you carry your own luggage from the ship, with no assistance, you can leave the ship early as soon as clearance is given by the port authorities.

A huge number of people chose the ‘self assist’ option! So even if the set-up with several smaller color-coded groups were smart, there was some chaos and a rather long waiting time. But you did get ashore somewhat faster, than other guests … maybe …

At sea bathroom

Hard to say ‘goodbye’ to a pool restroom with a view like this.

At 11:30 the ‘White Group 2’ went ashore – and as Kiel is ‘been there, done that’ for now, it is time to head back home to home country.

Arrivederci ship. Auf wiedersehen Germany.

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