Interval training: Fun fitness 10-20-30 Method for Running and Spinning

By Marina Aagaard, MFE

Looking for interval training variety? Try this special version of interval training for exercisers of all ages and fitness levels for increased motivation, cardiovascular fitness and fatburning. The method is excellent for running and indoor cycling.

The method is called 10-20-30 and is developed by Danish researchers at the Center for Team Games and Health, University of Copenhagen. It has been tested with great success and is super for interval training variety.

  • More muscle mass
  • Stronger bones
  • Lower body fat
  • Better cardiovascular fitness
  • Better running [or cycling] performance.


The method is different from typical interval training with work and rest intervals.
It consists of three-part sets, which are repeated.

  • 30 seconds Walking [cycling] or very slow running (jogging)
  • 20 seconds Running [cycling] in a moderate or fast tempo
  • 10 seconds Fast running [sprinting]
  • Every 30-20-10 part is repeated 5 times, that is five repetitions without rest-pause, so a set (or block) lasts 5 minutes.
  • Between each set, there is a 2 minute rest-pause.
  • You can repeat the set 2-4 times: 5+2+5+2+5+2+5+2 minutes = 28 minutes in total.
    [Note: Last 2 minutes can be a pause before more training or a cooldown].

Repetitions (30-20-10) initially (or onwards): 5

Sets (blocks of 5 rep.): 2-4

Pause: 2 minutes between sets.

Duration: Approx. 28-38 min. workout, including a 10 min. warm-up.

Happy workout!

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